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Classroom Technology Instructions

General pool and joint control classrooms feature either Crestron or Extron classroom technology control systems. Classrooms with touch panels are Crestron-controlled systems. Please see text instructions below. For additional assistance please contact CMET at 541-346-3091.

Locate the specific classroom at the UO Classroom Resources List to find the technology tutorial specific to the classroom. 

Crestron System Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Turn the Projector On
    In the upper left corner of the Crestron panel, press the “PROJ” button on the frame of the panel.
    Press the “PROJECTOR ON” button on the touch panel screen.
  2. Select your projection source
    Press the appropriate “button” on the touch panel screen for laptop ( or other device), resident computer, document camera or Blu-ray/Dvd player ( in some cases there will be a button for a vcr if one is installed).
  3. Connect your device
    Be sure your device is powered off before connecting.
    For computers or other personal devices, connect the proper adapter if needed to the VGA cable in the classroom or if HDMI, connect that to the proper port.
    If any other audio device, you may use an audio cable and connect to the AUX ports interface plate.
  4. Using the microphones (if installed in classroom) 
    Locate the microphone, for larger classrooms, it will be in a charging station. Some classrooms, the microphone will be located in the drawer. 
    Turn on the microphone.
    Press "Mic/Audio" page on the touch panel. to adjust specific volume levels. 
  5. Device/Laptop Audio: 
    Once audio is connected, first adjust volume within the device's player (YouTube, Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.). Then, adjust classroom volume using the touch panel. 

    HDMI input: If you are using the HDMI cable, audio will automatically route through the HDMI source.
    For PC users - If audio is coming out of the laptop/device speakers with the cable connected:
    Right-click on the speaker icon located in the lower right-hand corner of the computer > "Playback Devices" > Right-click on "Speakers/Headphones"  and select "disable" > enable the Crestron input (if applicable), then select "OK".

    VGA input: Connect the 1/8’ or mini/headphone jack cable to the headphone port on your device. For classrooms will older equipment, confirm the other end of the audio cable is plugged into the audio jack.
    Audio cables can be found in each classrooms: if ones seems to be missing, please contact the CMET at 541-346-30941, or pick one up at the CMET front desk on the ground level of the Knight Library.
  6. Please turn off the projector when finished:
    Press the ALL OFF button in the upper right corner of the crestron panel frame.
    Turn off the microphone and Put the microphone back in its charging station and press until it clicks in place.

For more assistance, press the HELP button on the touch panel screen or call 541-346-3091.

For Mac Computers, if the projection is showing an "extended display":  

  • Select the Apple Icon in upper left of the window > "System Preferences" > "Displays"
  • Select the middle tab on the pop up window labeled “Arrangement”.
  • In the lower left corner of the pop up, be sure to check the box to “mirror displays”.
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