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Extron Control Systems

Extron Systems installed in General Pool Classrooms integrate a Digital Projector to display a personal Laptop with room audio; some systems may include DVD, Document Camera or VCR capabilities.  The Extron System can require manually powering on/off the Digital Projector with a remote, knob volume control for room volume, manual switching between devices on the Extron Control box.  

The following UO classrooms are still equipped with Extron Control Systems:

  • Gerlinger Annex 354
  • Esslinger 193
  • Hendricks 100
  • Klamath 21, 331
  • Knight Library 322, 401
  • Villard 201

Extron System Text Instructions 

Extron systems on the UO campus are characterized by one or more remote controls.

  1. Turn the Projector On
    Locate the remote control, press the power button, aiming the remote AT the projector. You will see a light begin to emit from the front of the projector.

  2. Select your projection source
    Laptop/Tablet: On the extron switcher, select the "PC" button.

    DVD: On the extron switcher, select the "DVD" button. Confirm "Video" is selected as the source using the projector remote. Use the DVD remote or front controls on the DVD player to control playback. 

    VCR: On the extron switcher, select the "VCR" button. Confirm "Video" is selected as the source using the projector remote. Use the VCR remote or front controls on the VCR player to control playback.

  3. Connect your device
    Laptop/Tablet: Turn your device on. Once it is fully booted, locate the VGA cable and connect it to your device or adapter (for Macs or newer PCs).
    Change the projector input source by selecting the "Computer" button on the projector remote. Confirm RGB or VGA is selected as the source. 

    Video (VCR, DVD, AUX): Select the "Video" source on the projector remote to change the projector's input.

  4. Audio
    Connect the 1/8’ or mini/headphone jack cable to the headphone port on your device.
    Connect the other end to the audio input jack on the AUX audio input plate
    Use the volume adjustment knob on the front of the Extron Switcher to adjust the volume up or down for all sources. Volume level is indicated by the LED's adjacent to the knob and are labeled Low, Mid, and High.  

  5. Please turn the projector off when finished.
    Use the projector remote to turn off the project by pressing the "Standy/On" button. A message should come on the projection screen indicating to press the "Standby/On" button a second time, please complete that step to complete shutdown.

For more assistance call the CMET front desk at 541-346-3091, or Submit a Classroom Technology Help Ticket

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