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If you encounter a problem in Canvas, you may be able to get quick assistance from a live person.  Students can get help, particularly with login and browser problems, by visiting the Information Services Help Desk or the Knight Library Computer Help Desk.  Instructors can get assistance by calling or visiting CMET Consulting

If those first-level support people can't resolve your problem, and especially if you think you've found a Canvas bug, you can file a trouble ticket. You'll typically get a response within two business days, though the response time varies greatly depending on the time of term.  

Filing a trouble ticket

The easiest way to file a problem report is to fill out the form at: Canvas Tech Support.


Information we ask for

We need: Some notes:

Your name and Duck ID

Never send your student ID number or password, but we need your Duck ID (e.g. "jdoe").

Mac or a PC?

What type of computer are you using?

What browser and version?

Use "About" on the main menu or the help menu.  For example:  MSIE 7, MSIE 8, Firefox 3.0.14, Firefox 3.5.5, Safari 4.0.4.

What network connection?

On or off campus?  Wireless?  A computer in an on-campus lab?  Any additional special information?

Is the problem repeatable?

If you can't make it happen again, we won't be able to either.

... on a different PC?

Can you repeat the problem on a different computer?

What coursesite?

If it's a problem with a particular course, what course?  Provide the text that appears at the top of the page in Canvas, for example "PSY 472/572 (Fall 2015; 15136,15149), Psych of Trauma" or at least the department and course number.

Your role in the course?

Are you a student in the course, or the instructor?

Where in the site?

If it's a specific part of your coursesite, what part?  For example, what was the name of the quiz?  If you are an instructor having a problem with the gradebook, what is the user name of a student who displays the problem?

What symptoms?                                          

This is vital -- we need details of what went wrong, and what you were doing at the time.  If you got an error message, what was the text of the error message?


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