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This page offers some hints for people who are having difficulty logging in to the UO Canvas server.  You will see a login form similar to the one below. 

Canvas login form




Logging in

You can log in by entering your UO Information Technology (Computing Center) Duck ID and the corresponding password. For instance, if you have an account (a "Duck ID") named "jdoe" you would log in with:

PASSWORD your password

Do not include the rest of your email address (the "") in your username. If you don't have a Duck ID but are a UO student, faculty, or staff member, you can get an account (or find out if you already have one) at  You'll need your UO ID number to do so.  Or see the instructions at

Error messages

If you can't log in, look at the error message, which doesn't mean what it seems to:

Valid authentication credentials were not provided Usually means that there is a problem with your password. The most common problem is that your password has expired. See Password problems below. Occasionally this message means that your Duck ID is not authorized for Canvas access.
An error occurred while the system was processing this login request Usually means that you entered an invalid username.  If you created your Duck ID today, wait a half day. Leave off the ""  Use your alphabetic Duck ID, not your UO ID number.  Check to make sure that you actually have a Duck ID and that you typed it correctly.
invalid user name and password combination Most likely problem is that you have set your Internet Explorer browser security level too high. See Canvas browser setup

If you get an error not on this list, let us know and we'll add it to this page.

Password problems

If you try to log in but get the message "Could not login. Valid authentication credentials were not provided" this almost always means that you typed a valid username, but that there is something wrong with the password.  Almost always it means that your password has expired, but it might mean that you typed someone else's username by mistake, that you mistyped your password, or that your Canvas access has been disabled. You can try the following:

  • Make sure you are connecting to the right Canvas server. The URL for the Canvas home page is
  • Image of password and account management from DuckWebMake sure that you are typing your Duck ID as specified above:  No "".  Type your UO user name, not your student number.
  • Make sure you are using the corresponding password. The password is case sensitive (so "Im4TheDucks" is different from "im4theducks"). Try a second time to be sure you haven't typed it wrong.
  • Log in to the Information Services account management form. Click either "Expired Passwor" or "Forgotten Password" and log in.  (see example to right) and verify that:
    • Password has not expired (passwords expire after 6 months). If it has expired, change it.
    • Available Resource List includes "Canvas." If it doesn't, contact UO Information Services for assistance (see below)

To change your password, visit the duck id account management form.  If you have problems changing your password information on how to get your password reset is at "What if I can't reset my password?"  

If you are a new student and don't have a Duck ID (username) and password, you can create one for yourself using your UO ID# and PAC at  After you get a new Duck ID, it may take up to a day before you can use it to log in to Canvas.

If you have problems using the account management form, or still have problems logging in, get help by phone or in person from the Information Technology Help Desk, 151 McKenzie Hall, 541-346-HELP. The staff there will help you verify that you can read email, and that your account is enabled for Canvas. Take your UO photo ID card with you when you go.

Browser problems

The Canvas system requires a fairly modern web browser, with cookies, Javascript, and SSL enabled, plus Java version 1.4.1 or later. Running a browser that does not support these, or that has them disabled in its settings, or that has security settings that are extremely restrictive will result in login problems. See the Canvas Browser Setup guide for more information. The error message Canvas provides in such cases is particularly obscure; with Internet Explorer the message that corresponds to too-high security is often "invalid user name and password combination."

If you suspect you may have browser problems, try logging in from a computer in the Library; if you can log in from the library but not from home, then it's definitely a configuration problem on your machine.

Canvas account problems

New faculty can get Duck IDs and appear in Canvas only when their paperwork is complete and a job code is assigned.  For adjunct faculty, that means a Canvas account will at the earliest be available 2 weeks before the start of paid employment.

If you have more than one username at the Computing Center, only one of them can be used with Canvas. For instance, if you have a personal account, say "jdoe", plus a special special account for your research lab, say "doelab", the Canvas system recognizes only the personal Duck ID.

If you don't have access, are certain that you are supposed to have access, and the above doesn't resolve your problem, submit the help form   so we can investigate.

Guest access

The Canvas system does not currently allow people to log in as a guest to preview the system. If you have an account, though, some, but not all, UO coursesites allow guest access. Such access is always very limited -- guests may not under any circumstances participate in online discussions, and often are limited as to what portions of the coursesite they can view.

A note on e-mail addresses

If Canvas sends email, it will always send it to your "" email address, but you don't need to actually use that address to receive email. If you decide not to use your UO account for email, it is important that you set up mail forwarding, so that any mail sent to your UO email account is automatically forwarded to the place where you actually read your email by managing your account provided by the Information Services department.

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