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How can I copy material from one coursesite to another?

It's a new term, and you want to use material from your old Canvas coursesite into this term's new site. You can copy material, but you'll need to be "instructor" in both sites.

 Important! **Please note that as a general rule you should only perform a course copy once even if you think it didn’t work the first time. If you think it did not work or it worked improperly, please contact us at Report a problem or 346-1942 prior to attempting to do it again. Copying things more than once can create a lot of clean-up work that could otherwise be avoided.

Copying a whole coursesite or most of one:

  1. Go to the new course shell.
  2. Once in that course, click on Settings on the left navaigation bar.  Next click on Import Content into this Course, located on the right navigation bar. 
  3. On the resulting page, in Course Content, click on the arrow to select from a dropdown list.  Select Copy a Canvas Course.
  4. Next on the Search for a course menu, select the course you want to copy from.  You'll get a list of all of the courses you're an instructor for, and will be able to click to select the one you want – please note this could be a very long list. Be sure that you are selecting the right year and term as this is a common mistake people make.
  5. Select the radio button Select specific content.
  6. Select Adjust events and due dates. Then click on the Remove dates radio button.
  7. Next, click on the Blue button that says Import.
  8. A dialog box appeas providing you with all the areas of course content.  Click on the tiny arrows to expand each category.
  9. Click on each item you want to copy.  Be selective, so you don't get things you don't need.  It is important to copy both modules and files! Without files, the modules will be empty.
  10. Once everything is selected, click on the Blue button, Select Content.
  11. Your request will be queued and then processed. When it is complete, there will be a green button that says Completed.  If it is Black there were some issues with the copy.  Click on the issues link to see what didn't copy.
  12. Finally, check Modules, Files, Assignments to make sure everything look as it should after the copy.

You can use this procedure to copy individual items, or a complete course. 

For more details see the Canvas Instructor's Manual.

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