Catchbox Wireless Microphone

Throw Your O!

The Educational Technology and Canvas Support Office recently launched use of the Catchbox in larger classrooms (100+.)

The Catchbox brings many great pedagogical and universal design aspects to a classroom and a course, including:

  • creating a smaller classroom by allowing all students to be heard
  • encouraging engaging, active learning activities
  • providing volume to everyone's voice so all students can hear their classmates
  • making discussion, as well as Q & A easier in a larger class
  • making the technology itself easy

The Catchbox works in all the larger classrooms on campus, and students really like it!

What everyone is saying about the Catchbox!

  • SAIL Program: “ was awesome, we loved it”  Lara Fernandez
  • HPHY course Spring Term – Robin Hopkins found that her students were better able to hear each other, and she could hear the students much better.  This helped to make PLC 180 seem like a smaller classroom, and created more of a community in the classroom.


Catchbox Availability

Catchboxes can be checked out from the CMET Equipment Checkout Desk.  Prior to use instructors will need to participate in an orientation on both how to connect the Catchbox in the classroom where they are teaching and suggestions for effective pedagogical uses. Please contact for more information and inquiry. 

Instructions for how to setup and use the Catchbox in your classroom


Catchbox Resources

For more information and examples of the Catchbox in action please check out these sites:


Picture of a Catchbox