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Canvas Course Shells now available!

Law Spring 2019 and Winter 2019 course shells are available.

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What's New in Canvas?

Canvas Update - December 8, 2018

Two great updates that we have been asking for are finally here!

The Dashboard in Canvas has a new feature in Card View.  Users can select the Options Menu, located in the top right corner of a course card, and use the Move option to relocate the course card on the Dashboard.  Users can also use the Drag 'n Drop technique to relocated the course cards.  Any courses added to the Dashboard will be added at the end of the existing courses on the Dashboard.

The second update is HTML5 is now being used in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) instead of Flash.  This is true only in Chrome and Firefox.  There is no change in Edge or Safari. We strongly recommend using Firefox or Chrome with Canvas for many reasons, and this is another reason for that recommendation. What does this change mean?  When recording audio or video in the RCE users will no longer see the spinning wheel shown here:

Image showing flash display in the Rich Content Editor.

Instead, users see this, showing their camera image (not the Canvas Panda as pictured here.)

HTML5 in Rich Content Editor

This change should resolve all the isttues usres have had with not being able to get the audio or video recording tool to work with Flash.  To create an audio only recording, click on the Webcam button and select No Video. Anywhere audio or video can be recorded will now utilize HTML5.

There is one more update.  On the Navigation tab in Course Settings, the Home button cannot be moved or disabled any longer.  This is to provide consistency across all courses, placing Home at the top of the Course Navigation Menu in all courses.

Our next update is scheduled for January 5, 2019.

Request Canvas Course Merges for Winter Term 2019 and Law Spring 2019

Please fill out the course merge form for the specific term below, we recommend requesting course merges as early as possible. Please note the deadlines below.

Please feel free to start working in one of your courses while you wait for the merge, in the form there is an opportunity to let us know which CRN you will be working on so we can save that content during the merge process.

"Add People" Requests - Winter 2019

Please use the Canvas Help Request Form to request people be added to a Canvas course site.  

When completing the Canvas Help Request Form please provide the purpose for adding the person to your course site in the "How can we help you?" section of the form.  Select "Yes" in the "Add People" section and provide the following information:

  • CRN(s)
  • Role the users should be added as (GTF/GE, course builder, grader, or evaluator (see UO Canvas Roles & Permissions)
  • DuckID (UO email) of users to enroll

Please Note: "Add People" requests are generally completed within 24 to 48 business hours.  However during week 1 or 2 of a term, requests may take longer to complete due to the volume of requests.  We thank you in advance for your patience.

Canvas Support

Additional Resources:

Canvas Migration Advisory Committee

The Canvas course management system has been used at the UO since 2015. Many UO courses are using it to provide online course materials. Uses range from providing the syllabus, to course readings, to grade information, to online class discussion and homework submission, to in several cases a fully online class. Prior to Canvas, the UO Libraries provided Blackboard access and support from 1999-2015.

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