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The UO Canvas learning management system is provided and supported by the UO Libraries' Center for Media and Educational Technology.

What's New in Canvas?

  • On February 18th Canvas rolled out a tool called a "Context Card."  When you click on a student's name anywhere it appears as a link in Canvas, and you will see the Context Card. It is shown here in the right column.  While there is a considerable amount of information about the students' performance, such as their grade, analytics, number of missing assignments, etc.  The most popular addition to the Card is that there is an email link, located near the top right corner of the card.  The student can be emailed from here. The Context Card will also appear in Grades and Discussions. Note that only Instructors can see Context Cards.

  • Plagiarism detection software is now integrated into Canvas. For more information and instructions on how to use VeriCite, check out VeriCite

  • Using a Content Page for the home page in Canvas will now display announcements, as does the Course Activity Stream. To set this up, go to Settings>More Options (at the bottom of the page) and put a check in the "Show recent announcements on Course home page."  The number of announcements shown can be set to 1 up to 15. 

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Request Course Merges Spring 2017 & Summer/Summer Law 2017

Please fill out the course merge form for the specific term below, we recommend requesting course merges as early as possible. Please note the deadlines below.


Canvas Faculty Panel Podcasts

On May 13, 2016 Educational Technology and Canvas Support hosted a series of presentations by 5 faculty on their use of Canvas.  For more information and to listen to the podcasts, go here!!


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Canvas Migration Advisory Committee

The Canvas course management system has been used at the UO since 2015. Many UO courses are using it to provide online course materials. Uses range from providing the syllabus, to course readings, to grade information, to online class discussion and homework submission, to in several cases a fully online class. Prior to Canvas, the UO Libraries provided Blackboard access and support from 1999-2015.

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