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Classroom Technology Index

Find below descriptions of classroom equipment systems installed in General Pool and Joint-Controlled Classrooms. Note: to find the specific system and equipment in your room please see Classroom Equipment page and click on your room.  

Crestron Touch Panel
Function: Crestron refers to the manufacture who supplies the classroom technology system that is used to control each display and source. The touch panel is similar to a TV remote, it is used to control power on/off the system, and select which input you would like to display through the projector or flatscreen such as your laptop, document camera, blu-ray player, or other source if applicable. Additionally, you can control the laptop or microphone (if applicable) volume as well as blank the projector screen.

Digital Projector
Function: Used to present digital media on a screen to a large audience. Various digital sources can be used as the signal source for Digital Projectors.

Document Camera
Function: Used to present textual materials and small 3-D objects to a large audience. Used in conjunction with a Digital Projector.

Wireless Microphone
Function: Used to pick up and amplify the users voice. Primarily only available in larger classrooms and auditoriums. Note that a wired microphone is also likely to be available in rooms with a wireless microphone.

Blu-Ray/DVD Player
Function: Used to watch Blu-Rays/DVDs.

Last updated Jan 2, 2018