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We are pleased to announce that the University of Oregon Libraries has recently introduced a new online video streaming service, Kanopy.

Employed at over 1,500 US universities, Kanopy is a popular solution and has a collection that includes thousands of award-winning documentaries, training films, and theatrical releases. The database includes more than 26,000 films from many of the leading producers, including the Criterion Collection, PBS, Kino Lorber, New Day Films, The Great Courses, California Newsreel, and hundreds more.

Kanopy’s streaming interface makes it easy to watch, share, discuss and engage with films across campus. Instructors: it's easy to use Kanopy in your coursework. You can share films, create clips or teaching playlists, and embed them into Canvas.

"The need for video content that can be streamed into classroom settings without fear of violating intellectual property laws has continued to grow," notes Mark Watson, associate dean, research services. "Resources like Kanopy and DocuSeek2 are supplying this need by providing a wide range of material on subjects that range across the curriculum."

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