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Canvas non-course/non-CRN sites

UO's learning management system (LMS), Canvas hosts all academic course sites. Through improved system integration, Canvas also hosts all academic Major sites for improved communication between department advisors/administrators and Major-declared students. In addition, Canvas hosts sites for internal faculty/staff within each department/organization. These sites are automatically created and enrollment is fed by Banner. 


  • All UO majors and programs (Psychology, History).
  • Students are enrolled based on their declaration of major.
  • Student enrollment is completed automatically by Banner once a term.
  • Department administrators/advisors can be enrolled as "Teachers" by request. Please check with possible current "Teachers" of the site first.


  • Sites such as AAA or Human Physiology contain all faculty & staff affiliated with the department
  • Faculty & staff are enrolled as students automatically via a Banner identifier feed.
  • Administrators can be enrolled as "Teachers". Please check with possible current "Teachers" of the site first.
  • Please note, not all units have a departmental/organizational site that is automatically generated by Banner (typically generated by a payroll identifier). 
  • UO Human Resources hosts a learning management system, MyTrack for faculty and staff employees to colloborate by searching and registering for learning activities, creating customized development plans, and tracking progress. 

Manually-created non-CRN sites

  • While Canvas is a great platform for communicating with students and hosting coursework content, unfortunately it does not meet all of the needs of non-course related Campus groups, organizations, and various entities. Canvas is a learning management system built to focus on assignments, discussions, quizzes, and grades for course management - if that is something you would like, we may be able to provide a site through our service center where fees apply. 
  • UO does provide many useful platforms for non-course related actitivies, please refer to the alternative options below or feel free to contact our staff for more information about alternative tools. 
  • If you believe your needs for a site corresponds with that of a UO course, please refer to the LMS Service Rate & Fee Schedule and fill out the LMS Service Request Form.

Alternative Options

UO has many great platforms and tools to facilitate collaboration and hosting of content. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for finding the best tool for you!

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