ILLiad Request Statuses:

When you want to know what's happening with your ILL requests you can check your ILLiad account.  In the right column, under the "View" heading, click on the type of requests you want to check on.  Below are the meanings of the status phrases you will see next to each request.
Awaiting ALA Processing

This item is owned by a library that does not participate in the OCLC ILL system.  We will process this request using the standard ALA (American Library Association) paper request form and send the request via fax to the potential lender. This process may take longer than regular ILL processing.

Awaiting Conditional Processing
A potential lender has responded to your request with a question or information. We will make the appropriate response to the lender.

Awaiting Copyright Clearance
This article request will be reviewed to determine if any copyright fees need to be paid. These fees, if required, are usually paid by the library, not the requesting patron. (Exception: Oregon Card holders and members of the UO Alumni Association always pay copyright fees.)

Awaiting Customer Contact
The requested material has arrived and is ready for pickup, but the customer has not yet been notified by e-mail. This is a step in the receiving process that should be completed very shortly.

Awaiting Customer Response
The customer has been contacted regarding a question with the request. Once the customer responds to the email the request will then be sent or canceled.

Awaiting Document Delivery Processing
This requested item has been submitted by the customer and has gone through the copyright clearance process, if necessary. It is now ready to be searched and scanned from the UO library collection

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing
This item has been received by the UO ILL department. We are currently processing it and will be sending a pick-up notification email shortly

Awaiting Processing by Borrower 1, 2 or 3
This request has been forwarded to the library staff member responsible for processing it.

Awaiting Processing by Librarian
This item has proven to be difficult to track down and has been routed to the ILL librarian for further processing. It may take longer than usual to process this request.

Awaiting Request Processing
This requested item has been submitted by the customer and has gone through the copyright clearance process, if necessary. It is now ready to be searched and requested from potential lenders.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing
Your request was sent to potential lenders, but no one was able to fill the request. We will continue to try to fill your request from other sources.

Cancelled By Customer
The customer has cancelled this request and no longer requires the requested item.

Canceled by ILL Staff
Sometimes ILL staff need to cancel a request. Reasons for this could be copyright problems, time constraints, poor citations or various other reasons. When a request is cancelled, the patron is provided with a short note telling the reason for the cancellation. Patrons may at any time contact the ILL office for further clarification.

Checked Out to Customer
The item has been checked out to the patron. The due date is listed in their ILLiad account and on the green holds shelf tag.

Customer Notified via Email
The requested item has arrived, has been processed by the ILL staff, and the customer has been notified of its availability via ILLiad's automated email.

DED Item arrived; on its way to patron
Your distance education delivery item has arrived at UO and will be mailed to you within 24 hours. As soon as it is sent it will be listed as checked out in your ILLiad account.

Delivered to Web
Electronic article request has been posted on the web for viewing, printing, or download. Log in to your ILLiad account and select "View Electronically Received Articles" to print or save your article.

FCD Item arrived; on its way to patron
Your faculty campus delivery item has just arrived at UO and will soon be packaged and sent to your campus department. As soon as it is sent it will be listed as checked out in your Illiad account.

In Transit
This item has been returned by the patron and is in transit to the UO ILL office for shipping back to the lending library.

Incoming Oregon Card Requests
These are incoming requests from Oregon Card holders and UO Alumni Association members.

Item arrived; on its way to XXX holdshelf
XXX is the three-letter code for your branch pickup location (SCI, LAW, Design, etc.).  The requested material has arrived at UO and has been sent to your branch pickup location.  You will be notified when the item is ready for pickup at the branch library.  Material generally arrives the next business day.

Request Finished
The entire request process has been completed.

Request Sent
Request has been sent to potential lending libraries.