Outdoor Sculpture & Building Ornamentation

Wind Fence

Artist: Ned Kahn
Date: 2003

Ned Kahn's work is influenced by his academic background in environmental studies. This sculpture, a Percent for Art commission is sited at the north of the Lillis Business Complex. This is the artist's description of the work from his website:

The sculpture consists of seven sections of wind-animated panels, approximately 10-feet square that are suspended above people's heads by a series of 8-inch diameter stainless steel poles. The panels are composed of thousands of small anodized aluminum elements that are hinged to move freely in the wind. The overall shape of the fence traces out a gentle arc that sweeps towards the north entrance to the building and extends back into the grove of trees to the east. The intent of the artwork is to reveal the invisible passage of wind through the fence. The curve of the fence echoes the curved facade of the architecture.

Kahn (born 1960) is a MacArthur Fellowship recipient.


  • Artist's website: Ned Kahn Studios,