Outdoor Sculpture & Building Ornamentation

A Free & Enlightened Press ...

Artist: Louise Utter (Pritchard)
Date: 1936
Location: Allen Hall, interior

This plaque was created with WPA funds by Louise Utter who also contributed to the design and creation of the Knight Library heads during the same time period. It was positioned over the south entrance of the Journalism Building, a 1923 structure that is now part of Allen Hall. In the 2010-2012 renovation of Allen Hall, the south wall of the exterior, with the plaque, became part of the interior.  The inscription reads: "A free & enlightened press the surest guarantor of liberty."

Above: A picture of Ms. Utter sculpting this plaque in one of the studios of the art and architecture complex in c. 1935. The photo was provided by Mrs. Shasta Dawson, daughter of the sculptor, Louise Utter Pritchard.

Page author: Ed Teague