White Stag Block

Skidmore building. Source: Marion Dean Ross, in Building Oregon/Oregon Digital. Photo date: 1955.

Architects: FFA Architecture + Interiors (renovation).  Original architects: see Description.
Date: 2006-2009. Original structures: See Description.


The University of Oregon moved into White Stag Block in 2008, establishing a larger presence for UO Portland programs formerly located in the Willamette Block building. WSB consists of three integrated historic buildings: the Bickel Block building, the Skidmore Block Building, and the Hirsch-Weiss (White Stag) building.  Bickel Block was designed by Justus Krumbein in 1883; the Skidmore Block in 1889 designed by William F. McCaw; and the White Stag, 1907.  The signature "White Stag" sign inspired the name of the building complex. 

Renovation of the buildings to form the White Stag Block commenced in 2006 after the complex was acquired by White Stag Blok, LLC (managed by the Venerable Group, headed by Art DeMuro) and UO began to lease the property.  In 2015, the UO Foundation purchased White Stag Block.


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