Walton Complex

Architect: Church, Newberry, Roehr, Schuette. Builder/Contractor: J.O. Olsen Mfg. Company & Waldo S. Hardie and Sons (General)

Date: south wing: 1957, north wing: 1959

Location: 1595 E. 15th St.  Google map location

Image: Marion Dean Ross, from Oregon Digital.


Walton Complex is named for Judge Joshua J. Walton (1838-1909), a member of the first Board of Regents, who served in that role for 33 years, 1873-1906.   It was named after Walton in 1958, rreplacing the original name of George Rebec Hall. Walton Complex has two wings, north (completed 1959) and south (completed 1957), and consists of ten residence halls. The north wing has 80,447 sf; the south wing, 81,007 sf. The halls are named for faculty as follows:

South wing

Adams Hall. Percy Paget Adams, professor, School of Architecture & Allied Arts, 1901-1946

Clark Hall. Dan Elbert Clark, History Department head, 1940s-1951 and co-founder of Pacific Historical Review.

Douglass Hall. Matthew Hale Douglass, a university librarian, 1908-1942.

Smith Hall. Warren DuPre Smith, Head of the Geology Department head, 1914–1947.

Sweetser Hall. Albert Raddin Sweetser, Botany and later Biology department head, 1902-1930s.

North wing

DeCou Hall. Edward DeCou, Math Department head, 1902-1939

Dyment Hall. Colin Dyment, the Dean of the College of Literature, Science and Arts dean, 1920-1925

Hawthorne Hall. Benjamin Hawthorne, Psychology professor from 1888–1909.

McAlister Hall. Edward McAlister, College of Engineering dean, 1902-1925.

Schafer Hall.  Joseph Schafer, History Department head, 1900-1920.



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