Architect: Lawrence, Holford & Allyn. Contractor: Ross B. Hammond (Portland).


The Infirmary opened in 1936.  It was renamed Volcanology in 1968 and converted into classrooms and offices in 1969 following the opening of the new infirmary, the Student Health Center.


  • 1930s. Construction began in Dec. 1935 and ended in Sept. 1936 on the Infirmary. The built project was a modified version of a much grander design with two wings. The new structure replaced a house serving that purpose.
  • 1951. A penthouse for the University Physician was added, designed by Lawrence, Tucker, and Wallman.
  • 1964. Concrete rear addition, by W. W. Wilson. Sculpture, by Harold Balasz, presents symbols, mostly associated with sciences.
  • 1968. The building is renamed Volcanology and converted to classroom and offices. Interior alterations by Banks Upshaw (1969). Its function is replaced by the new Student Health Services Building.


Photo: The Infirmary in 1936. Source: UO Libraries Special Collections.
To the left (west) is the 1902 gym. In the background is the smokestack from the old power plant, now part of Lawrence Hall.


Books & Parts of Books

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