Villard Hall & Robinson Theater

Architect: Warren H. Williams.

See UO Planning Office site for more information about the current renovation and expansion of the Miller Theatre Expansion and Alterations (addition to Villard Hall).


  • 1886. Villard Hall, second building on campus, opens. Villard Hall was designed in a more elaborate version of the Second Empire Style which also characterized Deady Hall. This style, popular in the 1870s and 1880s, was modeled after the New Louvre in Paris (1853-69). Government buildings throughout the US by Alfred B. Mullet promoted its popularity. The mansard roof is its most striking characteristic. Henry Villard (1835-1900), namesake of this building, was a German immigrant who worked initially as a newspaper reporter. Eventually he became involved in railway transportation and by 1881 was president of the Northern Pacific Railroad whose transcontinental line was completed in 1883. Later, he headed companies that became, in 1893, the General Electric Company.
  • 1949. The University Theater opens on Dec. 2, 1949. Before that date, Guild Hall Theater on the first floor of Johnson Hall was a primary campus venue for theatrical productions. Post-war modernism influenced the exterior design of the structure which had the severe characteristics of the International Style: masses of form, lack of ornamentation, unadorned exterior walls. A striking design in itself, the theater's attachment to the ornamented, historic Villard Hall was a bold move, and a contemporary argument, promoted by School of Architecture and Allied Arts Dean Sydney Little, expressed the view that the two would complement each other. The interior, however, was highly praised, and drew upon the expertise of Horace Robinson, Theater department faculty member since 1932.
  • 1976. University Theater is renamed in honor of Horace Robinson.
  • 1972. Villard Hall and Deady Hall are added to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 1977. Villard Hall and Deady Hall are designated National Historic Landmarks.
  • 2003. Robinson Theater is now being transformed into the James F. Miller Theater Complex, named for the benefactor whose 2001 gift has enabled needed renovations.


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  • "A Dramatic turn of events" [Groundbreaking for the Miller Theater Complex, Friday, May 11, 2007]."  Oregon Daily Emerald 14 May 2007: 1, 12. Photos: Horace Robinson and Theater Arts students; individuals breaking ground.  "Construction will add a new flexible-seating black-box theater, green-room space for actors in performances, a renovated Robinson Theatre lobby and more space for building sets and stitching costumes -- in total more than 18,000 squre feet of additional space...The building is named for [James F. ] Miller, a businessman and arts patron from Portland, who donated $1.5 million in 2001 to begin the renovation."
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