Straub Hall

John Straub Memorial Hall


1451 Onyx Street

Architect: Lawrence & Holford. Contractors: Hanson & Hammond (Portland); Pacific Iron Works; Fred Shearer & Son (Plasater); Williamson & Co. (Heating, Plumbing); David L. Hoggan (cast stone); Willamina Brick. Lighting fixtures: Frederick Baker; Interior Lunette Paintings: K. E. Hudson.


The new men's dormitory, which could hold 300, replaced Friendly Hall as the main men's housing unit on campus. This was the first building to make use of a legislative act which enabled the Board of Regents to issue bonds for construction. Its design influenced later dorm construction: Work began on this reinforced concrete and steel structure in February 1928 and construction ended in September of that year. The u-shaped building consisted of six practically separate units around a central room. Each segment was intended to be a self-governing social unit. The units were named after professors Barrister, Kane; Greek letters, Alpha, Gamma, Omega, and Sherry Ross, first settler and owner of Ross Island. The original six dining facilities could hold 500.


  • 1928. Construction began in February 1928 on a new men's dormitory.  Construction ended the following September.
  • 1933. The Men's Dorm was named in honor of John Straub, Professor of Greek (1879-1934) and Dean of Men 1920-32.
  • 1955. Earl Hall added to the rear (east).
  • 1975. Straub was remodeled and became home to the Psychology Department.
  • 2002. Addition & Renovation. Architect: L. A. Kersh Architecture, Eugene. Added space for the Lewis Center for Neuroimaging and altered courtyard. The Center was dedicated in October 2002.
  • 2014.  Campus Expansion Project.  Architect: Rowell Brokaw Architects. Associate Architect:  Opsis Architecture. Contractor: Fortis Construction. Major renovation of Straub Hall with expansion to create classroom / learning spaces.



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  • 2002