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Outdoor Sculpture & Building Ornamentation

Cascade Charley, Cascade Hall

This page links to information (text & image) about sculpture and ornamentation that can be seen on campus without entering a building. The works are listed according to the building or sites with which they are associated or in proximity.  Above: Cascade Charley.

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Allen Hall

Autzen Stadium

Casanova Center

Cascade Hall

Columbia Hall

Dad's Gate

Deschutes Hall

Education Buildings

Erb Memorial Union

Frohnmayer Music Building


Ford Alumni Center

Knight Library

  • Fountain

Hayward Field

Health, Counseling Center

HEDCO.  See Education Buildings

Howe Field

Johnson Hall

Klamath Hall

Knight Library

Lawrence Hall


Lillis Business Complex

Lokey Education Building. See Education Buildings

McKenzie Hall

Miller Theater Complex

Moshofsky Center

Museum of Art

Museum of Natural History & Culture

Olum Child Development Center

  • Kinetic Totem

Prince Lucien Campbell Hall

Robinson Theater

Lokey Science Complex

  • See Cascade Hall, Deschutes Hall, Klamath Hall, Streisinger Hall, Volcanology Hall, Willamette Hall for individual entries.

Science Walk

Straub Hall

Straub Hall Green

Streisinger Hall

Student Rec Center

  • Fountain


Willamette Hall

Women's Memorial Quadrangle

Zebrafish Facility


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