Poverty Village

Note: Temporary housing to protest poverty was placed on the EMU grounds in 1969.

Newspaper Articles (arranged by date)

"Shacks erected on EMU lawn," Daily Emerald, 04/16/1969, 1
"SAB gives one-week stay to structures; okays 4 out of 42," Daily Emerald, 04/16/1969, 1
"Shack builder says he must be chased away, (Adkins)", Daily Emerald, 04/17/1969, 1
"SAB withdraws okay for lawn structures," Daily Emerald, 04/17/1969, 1
"Shack-builders present five demands," Daily Emerald, 04/18/1969, 1
"Mother of 12 moves to EMU," Daily Emerald, 04/18/1969, 3
"Poverty pleas get qualified support," Daily Emerald, 04/21/1969, 1
"SAB to consider shanties at meet," Daily Emerald, 04/22/1969, 3
"Shacks to come down today; SAB rules one in violation," Daily Emerald, 04/23/1969, 1
"EMU shanties living symbols to county's poor," Daily Emerald, 04/23/1969, 6
"Shacks at EMU disbanded but may be rebuilt later," Daily Emerald, 04/24/1969, 2
"Main shack gone, Chicanos to stay," Daily Emerald, 04/25/1969, 3