Prince Lucien Campbell Hall

Architect's Rendering, PLC and Condon Hall Addition
Old Oregon 46 no.3 (Nov.-Dec. 1966): 22.

Architect: Stanton, Boles, Maguire and Church.


The three parts of Prince Lucien Campbell Hall were built over 6 years, commencing in 1962, with a 5-story unit with a two-story west wing completed first in 1963. The first unit was dedicated on Homecoming Saturday, November 7, 1964.  An additional eight stories built atop the existing two-story west addition and an auditorium unit were completed by 1968. The high-rise urban character of PLC did not set a trend. Federal funds substantially supported PLC's construction. Its design aim was to create offices for humanities disciplines on a small amount of land. Colored tile attempts to harmonize the structure with surrounding older buildings on the Memorial Quadrangle (the Museum, Knight Library, Chapman Hall, Condon Hall).

PLC's commanding presence is now somewhat minimized by trees and landscaping. The principal architect Glen Stanton, had a prolific practice, and was an early graduate of UO's architecture program.  The Architecture & Allied Arts Library holds student drawings by Stanton and his classmates.


Journal Articles

  • [Architect's Rendering, PLC and Condon Hall Addition]. Old Oregon 46 no.3 (Nov. Dec 1966): 22.

Newspaper Articles (arranged by date)

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  • 1970s
    • "PLC constructurally sound," Daily Emerald, 08/10/1970, 3
    • "Bomb threatens research projects," Daily Emerald, 10/05/1970, 8
    • "No suspects yet in $50,000 PLC bombing," Daily Emerald, 10/05/1970, 1
    • "Dollars pledged for PLC "reward fund," Daily Emerald, 10/06/1970, 1
    • "Eachus critical of Clark reaction," Daily Emerald, 10/06/1970, 1
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    • "Funds released to repair PLC," Daily Emerald, 10/26/1970, 3
    • "Bombing booty boosted," Daily Emerald, 10/27/1970, 1
    • "PLC bomb damage scheduled for repair," Daily Emerald, 01/06/1971, 9
    • ". . . Students who rappelled down. . PLC. . ," Daily Emerald, 01/16/1973, 1

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