Campus Planning


Memorial Quad

Memorial Quadrangle, c. 1940


  • 1914. UO Campus Plan. Architect: Ellis F. Lawrence.
    Commissioned by the Board of Regents to develop a campus plan, the April 1914 design by Ellis Lawrence featured buildings in symmetrical groups with common open spaces organized along vertical and horizontal axes. Lawrence's campus was aligned toward the west, away from the existing cluster of buildings (Deady, Villard, McClure, Mechanical Hall, Gym). Lawrence's later buildings on the major quadrangle and in the minor groups follow the architectural styles proposed in his 1914 plan. Michael Shellenbarger, editor of the survey of Lawrence's work, called the plan "the firm foundation from which Lawrence over 32 financially difficult years built a campus of unusual charm and serviceability." Lawrence developed two major revisions to the plan in 1923 & 1932.
    • "Plans for University," Oregonian 7/12/14: 12; Oregana, 1915/16, p. 308
    • Shellenbarger, Michael, et al. Ellis Lawrence Building Survey. v.1-7. University of Oregon, 1989.
  • 1923. Campus Plan by Lawrence & Holford.
  • 1930s. In 1933 the National Industrial Recovery Act was created in the depths of the Depression to stimulate the economy through various jobs programs. It authorized the Public Works Administration (PWA) which, during its existence 1933-39, spent about $4 billion constructing 70 percent of the nations' new educational buildings; 65 percent of its new municipal buildings and sanitary structures; 35 percent of its new public-health facilities; and 10 percent of all new transportation structures. As the nation moved into a war economy, beginning in 1939, the PWA was gradually ended. The PWA and its related art programs funded UO's building program from the mid-1930s to the end of the decade.
  • 1970. In 1970, UO interviewed prospective consultants to facilitate a new campus planning initiative. The Center for Environmental Structure (Berkeley) was selected. The Center's director, Christopher Alexander, had become known as a planning innovator and had recently published A Pattern Language Which Generates Multi-Service Centers (The Center, 1968) which described a new approach to planning. That approach is based on user participation, respect for piecemeal growth, and use of 'patterns' or principles as opposed to schematic object-oriented grids.
  • 1973. "Planners Adopt Oregon Experiment," Oregon Daily Emerald 25 Oct. 1973: 1.
  • 1975. Christopher Alexander's The Oregon Experiment (Oxford Univ. Pr., 1975) is published. The book describes the 'pattern language' planning approach adopted at the University of Oregon.
  • 1991. A revised Long Range Campus Development Plan is established.
    Online Document: Long Range Campus Development Plan, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.
  • 1992. Christopher Ramey becomes Director, University Planning, and Architect.
  • 2003.  University adopts the updated Development Policy for the East Campus Area.  Planner:  Christine Thompson.
  • 2005. New Campus Plan replaces Long Range Campus Development Plan.  Planner:  Christine Thompson.
  • 2008.  Campus Heritage Landscape Plan completed.
  • 2012.  UO adopts the Oregon Model for Sustainable Development, which replaces the UO Sustainable Development Plan.  Planner:  Christine Thompson.


University Documents

Books and Parts of Books

  • Alexander, Christopher, et al. The Oregon Experiment. New York : Oxford University Press, 1975.
  • Leu, Chin-Wen. Ten Years' Experience with the Oregon Experiment: An Analysis and Critiique of a Campus Planning Process. Univ. of Oregon Architecture Dept. Thesis, 1985.


  • Pattern Language, This site describes the 'pattern language' concept, provides information about Christopher Alexander, and lists Alexander's publications.

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    • 1950s
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