Pacific Hall

Architect: Lawrence, Tucker, and Wallman.


After two full years of construction, the Science Building (also known as Science I and Main Science) opened for use in February 1952 and was dedicated in April 1952. Designed to have the same exterior finish as the University Theater (now Robinson Theater), the Science Building had "International Style" characteristics: bare walls, little or no decorative effects, defined geometric volumes with few curves. When it opened, the mammoth Science Building lacked any similarity in scale or design with the neighboring buildings: Journalism (now older part of Allen) from the 1920s, the 19th century Friendly Hall, the Art and Architecture Building of the 1920s, and the Men's Gymnasium of 1909.


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Newspaper Articles, arranged chronologically:


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  • "Study animals receive new home in Science I." Daily Emerald. 04/06/1977, 7