Onyx Bridge

Onyx Bridge (left), Klamath Hall, Emerald Hall, model 1961. Source: Oregon Quarterly 1961. 

Architect: Lawrence, Tucker, Wallman. Contractor: Vik Construction (Eugene)

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Planned as an east addition to what is now Pacific Hall, Onyx Bridge was originally named East Wing.  In 1989, the pre-1989 adjacent science buildings were renamed:  Science I was named Pacific Hall; Science II was named Klamath Hall; Science III was named Huestis Hall; and East Wing was named Onyx Bridge; and Geology Building was named Columbia Hall.  Concurrently, the names for the new science buildings were approved by the Board of Higher Education:  Deschutes, Willamette, Cascade, Streisinger.

Onyx Bridge was approved to serve as space for laboratories and research.  Construction began concurrently in May 1960 on Onyx Bridge and what is now Columbia Hall which provided a large auditorium for classes and guest  lectures.  The unique exterior design of Onyx Bridge features trusses.

Onyx Bridge originally served as the entrance to the underground Science Library.


1961 Onyx
Above left: Onyx Bridge under construction in October 1960, rising 'atop' buildings designed by Ellis Lawrence. Photo: Marion Dean Ross.


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