Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Image: Detail of Facade, by Lawrence, Holford, Allyn and Bean (1929). Source: Special Collections.

Architect, etc.: Lawrence, Holford, Allyn and Bean. Chief Designer: Ellis F. Lawrence. Engineers & Consultants: Sydney B. Hapslip, George S. Reed (Mech. Eng.), Arthur L. Peck (Oregon State College, landscaping). Contracts: Ross B. Hammond, Inc. (Portland), Eugene Foundry & Machine Co., Urban Heating Co. (Portland, Portland Heating and Plumbing, Willamina Pacific Brick Co., Ernest Thomas Cast Stone Co. Artists and Designers: I.K. Tuerck (Main doors & ironwork), Richard W. Bock (courtyard stone capitols & cast stone lunette panels), Oliver Barrett (courtyard stone sculpture).
Date: 1930 and later
Location: 1430 Johnson Lane. Google Maps location. Images of this building: Building Oregon


Original Structure (1930).

Design work began in January 1925 for this structure which was initially conceived to house the donated collection of Mrs. Murray Warner. Construction began in May 1929 and ended in August 1930. Mrs. Warner's concerns about security delayed its opening until 1932. Chief fundraiser Irene Gerlinger had intended the building to be named for former president Prince Lucien Campbell, but Mrs. Warner did not want the structure named for any single person. Instead, the interior courtyard was named for Campbell. During the planning stages, it was also known as the Murray Warner Art Museum, Prince Lucien Campbell Memorial, and the Fine Arts Building.

"One of Lawrence's finest buildings, the Museum of Art combines an exotic blend of Modernistic, oriental and European styles which is unique in Lawrence's work. (He refered to the meeting of eastern and western civilizations on the Pacirfic coast.) The plain and boldy massed rear resulted when only the 1st stage was built; Lawrence thought it would look "a fright" without the unbuilt wings, but Frank Lloyd Wright praised the rear during his visit to the campus in 1931. The peaceful courtyard, a memorial to PResident P. L. Campbell, assembles artwork by faculty & students of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts--including Richard Bock who created much of Frank Lloyd Wright's early architectural sculpture. The buliding is significant for its early use of innovative features which later became widely used in museums: the lack of exterior windows, and aritificial lighting and ventilation. The Museum of Art was built by public donations to house the Murray Warner colleciton of oriental art." -- "Museum of Art," v. 2 (Eugene), Ellis Lawrence Building Survey.

The Museum of Art was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 5, 1986.

Addition (2004).

Architects, etc.: SRG Architects with design consultants Hammond, Beeby, Rupert, and Ainge, Chicago. Construction Firm: Wildish Building Co. Project Planner: Chris Ramey. Project Manager: Alex Gordon.

The addition to the original 1929-30 museum nearly doubled its size and enabled expanded gallery space, an educational suite, an interactive discovery gallery, a café, an enlarged museum store, and a hall available for public rental. The original interior lobby was redesigned with the entrance stairwell eliminated.  In May 2004, the building was renamed the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in honor of the donor who has committed a multimillion dollar endowment in support of the renovation.


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Consult the Guide to Architectural Materials in Special Collections for holdings on Ellis F. Lawrence.

Books & Parts of Books

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Journal & Magazine Articles

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Refers to Gerlinger Hall, a temporary location for the Warner Collection.

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About the All-Oregon 1925 Exposition (Oct. 5-10, 1925), held at the Portland Civic Auditorium, and organized to raise funds for a proposed Fine Arts building at UO. Mrs. George T. Gerlinger was generally in charge of this event.

Newspaper Articles (Arranged by Date)


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About the architect: Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge Architects.

About the architect: SRG Partnership

"Projects Underway or Anticipated to Begin Soon," UO Campus Planning Office. Accessed 20 Sept. 2004.

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