Matthew Knight Arena

Matthew Knight Arena

Location: 1776 E. 13th St.

Architect: TVA Architects.  Ellerbe Becket. General Contractor: Hoffman Construction Company.

Date: 2011

Matthew Knight Arena (Matt Court) is a multi-purpose arena which is also the home of the University of Oregon Ducks basket ball teams.  It replaces McArthur Court (Mac Court).  The arena, named for Matthew Knight, son of the chief donor Phil Knight, cost approximately $227 million and seats 12,364.  The floor of the arena includes a design named Deep in the Woods, designed by Tinker Hatfield, which features silhouettes of trees which alludes to the Tall Firs, nickname of the Oregon men's basketball team that won the first NCAA basketball championship.


  • February 7, 2009. Groundbreaking 
  • January 13, 2011. Opened.


Web Sites

  • Ellerbe Becket
  • TVA Architects

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