Outdoor Sculpture & Building Ornamentation


Artist: Ellen Tykeson
Location: Straub Quadrangle


Left: The artist, Ellen Tykeson, talks about her work Luna during the 3rd Annual University of Oregon Art Walk, October 8, 2014. Photo: Lane Arts Council.


"The sculpture, Luna, is an interpretation of mythology’s ancient moon goddess. Ruling the night and the world of dreams for eons, Luna celebrates the physical roundness and grace of the feminine. She is linked with the mystery of intuition, governing the depths of emotion and connection to the subconscious. In her powers reside the phases of the lunar calendar that order the rhythms of tides, fertility, birth, and growth. Luna’s burden of the crescent moons serve as a portal of resolve and response, both shaping her and providing refuge. This effort is the story of every woman, as the appearance of casual balance is the job of a life. The crystals of the inner edges represent the harshness, fragility, and natural order of human existence. With her embrace, Luna joins this circle. Nothing shackles Luna to her task, by lifting her arms she could step away. Yet, she stays, bearing this yoke of choice. For with it comes the gift of moonlight to share, revealing both the night and this Queen of the stars from our earth. Luna’s garments are stitched from the fabric of her experience. She is of a piece. What she bears makes her, and what is made, is both durable and strong."  -- Ellen Tykeson