Campus Landscape


  • 1904. University Day. Conceived by UO President Prince Lucien Campbell as a constructive way to channel student energies as opposed to playing 'king of the mountain' on top of Villard Hall. Building sidewalks (replacing wooden planks) was an early University Day activity, and portions of sidewalks with 'University Day' and dates can be seen on the sidewalks leading to Deady Hall's west facade.
  • 1939.Eight Pyramidal English oaks were planted nearby the Library and Art Museum in memory of Robert Chase Bailey, 1929 Senior Class president who drowned in the Millrace.
  • 1962. The Columbus Day storm (Typhoon Frieda) struck on Oct. 12 and downed 66 trees on campus; more were later removed. Wallace Ruff developed plans for new trees.
  • 1970. 13th Avenue through UO is closed to regular traffic.
  • 1970. Access to the 1967 Autzen Stadium from the UO campus was greatly enhanced when the Autzen Footbridge spanned the Willamette and the railroad underpass was created to facilitate access to it.
  • 1990. University Day (May 17) is revived by students Brian Sandy and Doug Untalan
  • 1999. UO Entrances. Landscape Architect: Cameron McCarthy Gilbert & Scheibe (Eugene).
    Construction ended in 1999 on entrance signage, landscape, and gate improvements (Southgate, Westgate, and the corner of Franklin and University).
  • 2008.  Campus Heritage Landscape Plan completed.



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Newspaper Articles


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