Johnson Hall

Photo: 2006. Building Oregon.

Photo: 1918. Note Sundial at left, Kincaid Field at right. Building Oregon.


Architect: William C. Knighton.  Builder: Boyajohn Arnold.
Date: 1915
Location: 1098 E. 13th Ave.  Google Maps location.
Size:  3 stories. 32,174 sf.


Built at a cost of $100,000, the Administration Building opened in 1915. It was the last campus building designed by an architect other than Ellis Lawbefore Ellis Lawrence became campus architect.  Originally the building housed, in addition to administrative functions, the Condon Geological Collection, as well as the 200-seat Guild Theater. The architect, William Christmas Knighton, was Oregon's State Architect and responsible for several significant works in Oregon, including Deepwood, the historic home near Salem and the Governor's Hotel, Portland. Original interior decorative details included a magnificent skylight which covered the entire center of building and was made of stained glass by the Povey Brothers of Portland. (The Povey Bros also designed the glass of First Church, downtown Eugene.) Terracotta details from this building include the UO Logo.  Knighton's iconic inverted keystone design which he used in several buildings can also be seen in Johnson Hall.  In 1918, the building was named for UO's first president John Wesley Johnson (b.1836-d.1898). Glenn Stanton, an architecture student, designed in 1919 the bronze sign which is inside the building. A major renovation in 1949 eliminated Guild Theater whose function was replaced by the the University Theater, later named Robinson Theater, which was grotesquely attached to historic Villard Hall.  The glass panels of the skylight were dispersed.  A renovation in 1998 by Don Peting's historic preservation students placed some of the stained glass panels in the principal meeting room of Johnson Hall and others can be seen in a hallway on the second floor of Lawrence Hall. Johnson Hall was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.


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