Gerlinger Hall 

(Woman's Memorial Hall)

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Architect: Lawrence and Holford. Chief designer: Ellis F. Lawrence.
Contractors: W. O. Heckart (Eugene), H. Snook; Washington Brick (Spokane); Rushlight & Hastorf (Heating); City Iron Works (Portland); Standard Artificial Stone Co., Portland (cast stone).
Style:  Georgian
Namesake:   Lewis, Franklin.  Building Legacies:  Gerlinger Hall's Namesake.  Oregon Daily Emerald, November 16, 2016.


Construction began in August, 1919, and ended in May 1921. Named in 1929 for Irene H. Gerlinger, the first woman Regent and avid fundraiser and advocate for the University of Oregon. Gerlinger managed a successful campaign to build the Woman's Building and was involved its decoration and design. The Alumni Hall in Gerlinger is among UO's few remaining historic interiors. Gerlinger Hall, Susan Campbell Hall, and Hendricks Hall were added to the National Register of Historic Places on Oct. 2, 1992, as the Women's Memorial Quadrangle Ensemble. From Shellenbarger's Ellis Lawrence Building Survey, "Irene H.Gerlinger, for whom this building was named in 1929, was the 1st woman Regent of the U0 . She ran the campaign to build it and was deeply involved in its design and decoration . She described it as "a monument to noble womanhood", and it is a landmark to the emerging roles of women in the 20th century . Famed architect John Galen Howard wrote of its "rare charm" & its "new note" in adapting English & New England prototypes into a "truly indigenous character. Together with Hendricks and Susan Campbell Halls, the 3 buildings form what ma y be Lawrence's most successful architectural ensemble . The exteriors of all 3 buildings are essentially intact . The major interior spaces of Gerlinger Hall --  Alumni Hall, Gymnasium, & south gallery -- are essentially intact; they are among only a handful of fine historic interiors remaining on campus (though altered by the painting of Alumni Hall and new light fixtures in the gallery) . Except for 3rd floor dormitory use in 1945-?, building use has little changed."

Gerlinger Hall, 2004

Under Construction, 1919. Courtesy: Special Collections



Archives & Drawings

Books & Parts of Books

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Journal Articles

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Newspaper articles, arranged chronologically:

  • 1910s
    • "Women's building to be Duniway Hall," Daily Emerald, 11/20/1913, 1.
    • "Women raise $125 for new building," Daily Emerald, 11/25/1913, 4.
    • "Bishop plans women's dorm, Scadding says Episcopal church is ready to build", Daily Emerald, 03/31/1914, 1.
    • "Progressive dinner is league's plan to get building fund," Daily Emerald, 09/30/1915, 1.
    • "Clubs and Churches endorse dinner plan," Daily Emerald, 10/02/1915, 1.
    • "Committee selling tickets for feed scorns donations," Daily Emerald, 10/05/1915, 1.
    • "Women campaign for building with "Progressive Dinner"", (All is ready for Progressive feed)", Daily Emerald, 10/07/1915, 1, il.
    • "Building fund is swelling daily," Daily Emerald, 10/23/1915, 1.
    • "Amusements galore to crowd ice floor, (Hippodrome will give part of proceeds to Alumnae for Women's Building fund)", Daily Emerald, 11/16/1915, 3.
    • "100 pledge aid for women's building," Daily Emerald, 12/14/1915, 3.
    • "University players will stage comedy, (Woman's Building fund to benefit from proceeds)", Daily Emerald, 03/23/1916, 4.
    • "$8728 pledged to fund, ($2834 raised on campus for Memorial building)", Daily Emerald, 10/19/1916, 1.
    • "Volunteers benefit recital, Proceeds to go for women's building fund", Daily Emerald, 03/01/1917, 1.
    • "K.K.K. brings $125 profit for building, Exceeds expectations", Daily Emerald, 03/06/1917, 4.
    • "$500 for fund, Pledged by D. A. R.", Daily Emerald, 03/10/1917, 1.
    • "Site not yet selected," Daily Emerald, 03/20/1917, 1.
    • "Women will try to sell 400,000 bricks", Mrs. G. F. Gerlinger begins campaign", Daily Emerald, 03/29/1917, 4.
    • "Building fund gets $500, President Campbell and family give memorial gifts for sister-in-law", Daily Emerald, 05/15/1917, 4.
    • "Senior play brings $367, Money goes for Women's building", Daily Emerald, 05/15/1917, 3.
    • "Fund for Woman's Building $16,000," Daily Emerald, 10/18/1917, 1.
    • "Campbells give first thousand," Daily Emerald, 03/06/1919, 1.
    • "Woman's building is far short," Daily Emerald, 03/13/1919, 3.
    • "Cash comes for building," Daily Emerald, 04/05/1919, 1.
    • "Drive for $40,000 is on in Portland," Daily Emerald, 04/15/1919, 1.
    • "$500 cleared for Woman's Building in College year," Daily Emerald, 04/22/1919, 1.
    • "Woman's Building plan discussed," Daily Emerald, 05/03/1919, 2.
    • "Money half raised," Daily Emerald, 05/10/1919, 1.
    • "Foundation partly laid for $200,000 Women's Building," Daily Emerald, 10/07/1919, 1.
    • "Liberty bonds swell total funds on hand for Women's building,"$70,000 is now pledged to new structure. State to pay half of cost.", Daily Emerald, 10/09/1919, 3.
    • "Gym girls pledge $500, Money to be earned for Woman's Building", Daily Emerald, 11/06/1919, 3.
  • 1920s
    • "$1,000 contributed to woman's building by anonymous giver," Daily Emerald, 01/08/1920, 1.
    • "Max H. Houser of Portland pledges $2,000 for Woman's building," Daily Emerald, 02/26/1920, 1.
    • "Women's building ready to occupy, Open air gym finished", Daily Emerald, 01/05/1921, 2.
    • "Everything new in women's gym," Daily Emerald, 01/06/1921, 2.
    • "Frieze replicas here, Hermian club presents frieze replicas in women's building", Daily Emerald, 01/07/1921, 2.
    • "Women's building pleasing to regent, (Mrs. Gerlinger)", Daily Emerald, 01/20/1921, 4.
    • "Antiques furnishings sought for building," Daily Emerald, 02/17/1921, 3.
    • "Work on Women's quadrangle begun," Daily Emerald, 03/11/1921, 3
    • "Women's Memorial Hall has charm of antique decoration," Daily Emerald, 05/07/1921, 1.
    • "Women's Building reality owing to Mrs. Gerlinger, say University authorities," Daily Emerald, 05/07/1921, 1.
    • "Women's building dedication draws throngs to campus," Daily Emerald, 05/10/1921, 1.
    • "Girls' athletic field to be finished soon," Daily Emerald, 05/22/1924, 2.
    • "Woman's building hostess [Elizabeth Wilson] proud of Alumni Hall tone and beauty," Daily Emerald, 12/11/1926, 3.
    • "Story of Woman's Building is told," Daily Emerald, 11/05/1922, 1.
    • "Rules listed for use of Woman's building," Daily Emerald, 10/26/1923, 2.
    • "Initial deposit made on lounge room fund," Daily Emerald, 05/14/1925, 1.
    • "Woman's building is changed to Gerlinger," Daily Emerald, 05/25/1929, 1, il.
  • 1930s
    • "Mrs. Gerlinger arraigns work on Alumni Hall, Emerald inquiry reveals artistic controversy", Daily Emerald, 11/07/1934, 1.
    • "Mrs. Gerlinger writes, A letter from Mrs. Gerlinger in which she criticises the scheme of painting in Alumni Hall", Daily Emerald, 11/07/1934, 2.
  • 1940s
    • "Further Assemblies in Gerlinger banned," Daily Emerald, 01/16/1943, 1, il.
    • "Hall schedules active year," Daily Emerald, 11/04/1943, 4.
    • "Remodeling of Gerlinger, Villard Hall nears end,"Living quarters for 40 girls, 80 men to be ready by start of winter term", Daily Emerald, 12/05/1945, 21.
  • 1960s
    • "Antiques stolen from Gerlinger," Daily Emerald, 03/02/1967, 7.
    • "Gerlinger hostess Schumacher to leave after 13 year residency," Daily Emerald, 01/22/1969, 2.
  • 1970s
    • "Exhibitionists make Gerlinger locker room a real zoo'," Daily Emerald, 02/12/1975, 7.
    • "Remodeling will enlarge locker rooms," Daily Emerald, 10/01/1975, 1.
    • "Remodeling marks a step toward equality, locker room convenience to result", Daily Emerald, 12/04/1975, 3.
    • "Emergency board funds facelift, Gerlinger Hall must comply with safety program", Daily Emerald, 09/22/1977, 3.
    • "Gerlinger owls just won't budge, visitors perch in gym rafters", Daily Emerald, 05/18/1978, 6.

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