The Architecture of the University of Oregon

Geodesic Dome


Architect Buckminster Fuller, with the aid of architecture students, installed a geodesic dome on campus in 1953.


Newspaper Articles (Arranged by Date)

  • "Geodesic Dome; R. Buckminster Fuller directs installation of dymaxion-type dome." Daily Emerald 10-Apr-53, 7 .
  • "Geodesic construction will include three technological improvements." Daily Emerald 13-Apr-53, 4.
  • "The dome-it's done!" Daily Emerald." 15-Apr-53, 1.
  • "Public to inspect dome on Sunday." Daily Emerald. 23-Apr-53, 1 ."Geodesic dome is campus feature." Daily Emerald 25-Apr-53, 3. ill.
  • "Dome photographs in SU art gallery." Daily Emerald. 27-Apr-53, 2.
  • "Fuller Dome given national write-up." Daily Emerald. 7-Oct-53, 1 .
Text / Images: Ed Teague (1 June 2004). Copyright/Permissions