Friendly Hall

Friendly Hall

Architect: Whidden and Lewis.


Finished in 1893, this three story red brick building was conceived to be co-ed, with two main entrances, one to south for men and one to north for women. It was the first dormitory designed to be co-ed in the United States. A large dining room existed in front and between two entrances. The building was designed by Oregon's most prominent architectural firm at the time, Whidden and Lewis.  Frequently adapted and altered: additions came in 1914, 1920, and 1924, and renovations done in 1933, 1951, and to this day. Known for two decades as the Dormitory, the building was named in 1916 for Samson H. Friendly (1865-1915). Friendly (Freundlich) was born in Germany and moved to Eugene in 1865.  A local merchant, he served as mayor of Eugene and as a member of the Union University Association which established the university.  He also served on the Board of Regents for many years.  Friendly Hall ceased being a dorm in 1928 when Straub Hall opened.



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