Fenton Hall

Library (1906) post card

1021 East 13th Avenue

The Library in 1907



Original Building (1906). Architect: Yousa D. Hensill.
UO's first building dedicated for library purposes is today's Fenton Hall. The Libe, as it was known, originally housed 53,000 volumes. An endowment established by UO's benefactor Henry Villard (which exists to this day) substantially supported acquisitions. Library collections were previously housed in Collier HouseCondon HallDeady Hall, and Friendly Hall before this building existed. The second floor of the structure (known unofficially as Johnson Hall until the 1915 Administration Bldg. opened) and the basement were initially used for classrooms or offices. The library's location at the increasingly busy 13th Ave. made it a focal point of campus activity. The pathway from it to Villard was known as "Hello Walk". Changed over time has been the entrance which was originally more ornate.  Architect Yousa D. Hensill also designed the no longer extant Eugene Public Library (a Carnegie library) the same year.


Rear Addition (1914). Architect: William C. Knighton.
Stacks were added to the west side of the Library and the façade and interior were altered in 1914. Architect Knighton altered the entrance which originally featured a gabled portico supported by two monumental wood columns. Knighton's decorative detailing on the 1914 addition included a form of the inverted keystone found on several of his works, including his Johnson Hall of 1915. This wing continues to store library materials.


Renovation (1936). Architect: Lawrence & Holford.
While the new Library (now Knight Library) was nearing completion, WPA funding enabled the existing one to be remodeled to house the Law School. The Law School was originally established in 1884 in Portland and moved to Eugene in 1915. Wayne Morse, later Senator, was Dean of the school when Ellis Lawrence renovated the "Old Libe". In 1938, the building was renamed Fenton Hall after Judge William D. Fenton, an early UO benefactor.

Renovation and Upgrades (2011). The $5,600,000 project improved the operational layout of the facility, while installing seismic upgrades, energy efficient HVAC systems, an elevator to increase accessibility on all floors. Architect: Robertson Sherwood Architects. Construction Manager/General Contractor: Chambers Construction. Project Planner: Gene Mowery, UO Planning Associate. Construction Project Manager: George Bleekman, UO Capital Construction.

Photos:  top, post card, 1907; center, Oregana, 1908; bottom two, Ed Teague



  • University of Oregon Library : [scrapbook] [ca. 1915].
    Scrapbook of University of Oregon library when current Fenton Hall was library site. Includes photographs, floor plans, regulations, periodical indexes, recommended reading lists, sample library forms, etc.

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