Emerald Hall

Emerald Hall (1987)
(To the right, Huestis Hall; behind, Klamath Hall.)
Courtesy: Special Collections (slide original)


Emerald Hall was relocated to campus in May 1947 from Camp Adair, north of Corvallis, Oregon. Camp Adair, named in honor of Henry Rodney Adair, West Point graduate and descendant of Oregon pioneers, was a training site for battalions headed overseas. During its height, Camp Adair was the second largest city in Oregon. Ellis Lawrence designed many of the temporary structures which made up the camp; after the war, these buildings were distributed to various sites to accommodate various needs. Emerald Hall housed the registrar's office until Oregon Hall opened in 1974. It was then used for studios, student groups offices, and other needs. Emerald Hall was demolished in 1987 to make way for Willamette Hall.



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