Earl Complex

Earl Hall

Earl Hall footprint

Architect: Church, Newberry, and Roehr.
Date: 1954.
Location: 1333 East 15th Avenue. Google Maps location.
Image: Marion Dean Ross. From Building Oregon.


Earl Complex, also known as Earl Hall, was designed, like the adjacent Straub Hall, to house independent living units. Construction began in April 1954 and ended in November 1955. Its design reflected the post-war interest in International Style geometric simplicity. Funded in part by dormitory fees and the sale of World War II trailers, this housing unit was named for Virgil D. Earl, UO alumnus and Athletics Director (1923-31) and Dean of Men (1931-48).

Earl Complex is made up of units named for former faculty: Edgar McClure (Chemistry), Davis Walter Morton (first dean of Business Administration), Frederick George Young (first dean of Graduate School), Orin Fletcher Stafford (Chemistry Department head), Henry Davidson Sheldon (founder of Oregon State Teachers Association, first dean of School of Education).


Journal, Magazine Articles

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Newspaper Articles

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