Carson Hall

Architect: Lawrence, Tucker, and Wallman.


This five-story brick building was constructed as part of a $6 million post-war building program. Named for Luella Clay Carson, Professor of English and Elocution (1888-1909) and Dean of Women (1895-1909), the building was acclaimed as an innovative approach to student housing.

Design work began in February 1945 and construction ended in Jan 1949. According to the Ellis Lawrence Building Survey, Ellis F. Lawrence approved the preliminary design which was accepted a few days before his death.  Lawrence's son, Henry Abbott Lawrence, was a principal in the firm Lawrence, Tucker, and Wallman.


Books and Parts of Books

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Journal, Magazine Articles

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Selected Newspaper Articles (arranged by date)


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"Building of new dorm set for '46." Daily Emerald, 09/25/1945, 4.

"State board approves funds for radio station; University gets permission to draw plans for new science building, coed dormitory.." Daily Emerald, 01/23/1946, 1.

"State board approves women's dorm plans." Daily Emerald, 10/01/1946, 1.

"Dormitory plans newest in design, new women's dormitory to be errected on 14th between Emerald and Beech.", Daily Emerald, 10/08/1946, 1.

"Engineer avers new dorm best quarters on campus, artists sketch", Daily Emerald, 10/29/1946, 1, il..

"Go ahead given ads for bids on building of new dormitory." Daily Emerald, 05/15/1947, 1.

"Bid call for new women's dorms ok'd by board of higher education, Architects sketch.", Daily Emerald, 05/21/1947, 1, il..

"Women's dorm construction begins today." Daily Emerald, 04/28/1948, 1.

"New dorm under construction, Ground breaking ceremonies." Daily Emerald, 04/29/1948, 7.

"Work begins on dormitory." Daily Emerald, 05/31/1948, 1.

"Work on Women's dorm advances as planned." Daily Emerald, 11/30/1948, 3.

"New dorm design for easy comfort. By Bill Clothier." Daily Emerald, 05/10/1949, 8.

"Women's dorm tour offers new horizons." Daily Emerald, 11/04/1949, 7.


"Carson dining room opens door." Daily Emerald, 02/02/1950, 1.

"Oregon to unveil new buildings; dedication planned for Saturday." Daily Emerald, 02/08/1950, 1.

"Office enlarged during vacation, of director of dormitories", Daily Emerald, 01/07/1953, 4.

"Dorm life poses 'weird' problems." Daily Emerald, 04/24/1954, 4 .


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