University of Oregon

Individual Buildings & Landmarks

For information about specific buildings, landmarks, or spaces, consult the list below. Note: The most recent building name is used for a work that has had several names.

Allen Hall
Anstett Hall
Autzen Stadium
Barnhart Hall
Bean Complex
Berwick Hall
Black Cultural Center
Bowerman Family Bldg
Campus Operations (Quonset)
Campus Planning
Campus Landscape
Canoe House
Carson Hall
Casanova Center
Cascade Hall
Cascade Annex
Central Kitchen Facility
Central Power Plant
Chapman Hall
Chiles Business Center
Clinical Services
Collier House
Columbia Hall
Computing Center
Condon Hall
Dads' Gates
Deady Hall
Deschutes Hall
Dunn Hall.  See Hamilton Complex
Earl Complex
Education Buildings
Education Annex
Erb Memorial Union
Esslinger Hall
Fenton Hall
Fine Arts Studios
Ford Alumni Center
Frohnmayer Bridge
Frohnmayer Music Bldg.
Gerlinger Hall
Gerlinger Annex
Gilbert Plaza
Global Scholars Hall
Hamilton Complex
Hatfield-Dowlin Complex
Hayward Field
Heart of Campus
HEDCO Education Building
Hendricks Hall
Howe Field
Huestis Hall Jaqua Athlete Center
Johnson Hall
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Knight Law Center
Knight Library
Klamath Hall
Knight Campus
Lawrence Hall
Leighton Pool
Lewis Integrative Science
Lillis Business Complex
Living Learning Center
Lokey Laboratories
Many Nations Longhouse
McArthur Court
McKenzie Hall
McMorran House
Matthew Knight Arena
Miller Theater Complex
Millrace Studios
Museum of Natural & Cultural History
Moshofsky Sports Center
Music Buildings
Normal Gate
Onyx Bridge
Oregon Hall
Pacific Hall
Peterson Hall
Pioneer Cemetery
Prince Lucien Campbell
Powell Plaza
Power Plant (1924)
Price Science Commons & Research Library
Residence Hall (2017)
Riley Hall
Sanders (Jane Sanders) Softball Stadium
Science Building
Spencer View Housing
Student Recreation Center
Straub Hall
Student Tennis Center
Streisinger Hall
Susan Campbell Hall
Tennis Courts, etc.
Tykeson Hall
Univ. Health & Counseling
Urban Farm
Villard Hall
Vivian Olum
Walton Complex
Westmoreland Village
Wilkinson House
Willamette Hall
Willamette Stationers (A. B. Scarlett) Bldg.
Zebrafish Resource Center

The Campus Past

Amazon Housing
Animal House
Architecture (1914)
Balloon Field House
Campus Planning (1894)
Carson's Lake
Commonwealth Hall
Drill Hall
Emerald Hall
Erb Memorial Union (1974)
Engineering Hall
Geodesic Dome
Gym (1890)
Gym, Women's (1916)
Gym (1909)
Gym, Open Air (1921)
Kincaid Field
McClure Hall
Mechanical Hall
Observatory (1889)
Poverty Village
Robinson Theater
Spiller (Mary) House
Veterans Dorms


Memorial Quadrangle
Women's Memorial Quadrangle

Charleston, Oregon

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Portland, Oregon

White Stag Building


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