Autzen Stadium


  • Original Structure (1967). Architect: Skidmore Owings and Merrill.
    In 1959 , UO participated with the city, county, and utility company in the purchase of over 560 acres north of the Willamette made available by the State Highway Commission for recreational purposes. Plans for a new stadium commenced and a successful fund drive quickly provided funds. The firm SOM explored Hayward Field as a site option but selected the new site based on planning, transportation, and economic concerns.. The stadium, costing approximately $3 million, and taking only 9 months to build, was creatively designed within an artificial crater, avoiding the need for multilevel ramps. The 41,000 stadium, was named for the Autzen Foundation, headed by UO alumnus Thomas Autzen, who contributed to the project.
  • Addition and Renovation (2003). Architect: Ellerbe Becket (Kansas City MO). Hunt/Wildish Construction. Project Planner: Chris Ramey. Project Manager: Charlene Lindsay.
    The $90 million expansion of the 1967 facility increased capacity from 41,700 to 58,000 seats. Renovations included seating, skyboxes, and improved accessibility, circulation, concessions, restrooms, and press facilities. Hunt Construction Group won an Award of Excellence Citation (Public Project) for its efforts.



  • The New House : the History of Autzen Stadium. Produced written and directed by Daniel Miller, Dustin Popken
    Publisher [Eugene, Or. : University of Oregon Bookstore, 2004.] 80 min.


Books & Parts of Books

  • "Autzen Stadium," in Style and Vernacular: A Guide to the Architecture of Lane County. Oregon. Portland: Western Imprints, 1983, p. 86.

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