Architecture Building (1914)

Architecture Bldg.

Architect: William C. Knighton. University Street

Image source: Oregana 1915, p.23


The first building for the new School of Architecture was constructed in 1914, parallel to Mechanical Hall of 1901 which was designed by Edgar M. Lazarus. Designed by State Architect William C. Knighton, the Architecture Building was similar in appearance to Mechanical Hall, but was larger and lacked that building's cupola. Knighton soon connected the two structures with a one-story addition, and the ensemble was dedicated for use by the School of Architecture. The ensemble was later altered by Ellis Lawrence and W. R. B. Willcox. Today, the building's west side can be seen in part in the interior courtyard of Lawrence Hall. The Hearth room inside of Lawrence Hall is a remaining part of the building's interior. The building's east wall was transformed into an interior wall of Lawrence Hall.


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