Architects, Artists, and Builders of the University of Oregon

Annand, Boone, and Lei

UO works:  Robinson Theater.

John D. Annand (1907-94) opened a Portland architectural office in 1934 and in 1950 formed a partnership with Rove Davis Kennedy (1892-1975). The firm became Annand, Kennedy and Boone with the addition of Harold B. Boone as partner in 1950. Kennedy left the firm in 1953. When an employee of the firm, Wilbert P. Lei (1909-60), became a partner in 1953, the firm became Annand, Boone & Lei. Lei, a native of China, was educated in the U.S., practiced in China from 1932 until 1945, when he returned to the US and settled in Portland.
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Balasz, Harold.

UO works:  Scientific Symbols (sculpture).

Northwest artist from Spokane, Washington. Washington State University holds Balasz's archives.

Bock, Richard W.

UO works:  Museum of Art sculpture.

Richard Walter Bock was born in Schloppe, Germany on July 16, 1865, and died in California, June 29, 1949. Designer of Museum of Art's courtyard lunettes and capitals, Bock was head of the UO sculpture program, 1929-32. From 1903-1909 he worked on several Frank Lloyd Wright projects.
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Richard W. Bock Sculpture Museum, Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois.
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BOOR/A (Broome, Oringdulph, O'Toole & Rudolf).

Works:  Knight Law Center; Lawrence Hall (1990 addition).

Website: BOOR/A.

Cameron McCarthy Gilbert Schiebe.

Website: Cameron McCarthy Gilbert Schiebe

Church, Newberry, and Roehr ; also, Church, Newberry, Roehr, Schuette ; Church, Walter.

Walter E. Church (1893-1989) was a UO architecture graduate (1916), son of Susan Campbell and Prince Lucien Campbell, who worked as a draftsman for Lawrence & Holford and later received a masters in architecture from MIT. He became established with the prominent Portland firm of Morris H. Whitehouse. By 1935 the firm was named Whitehouse & Church. By 1949, with changes in partnerships, the firm became Church, Newberry & Roehr, including principals Frank Roehr (1899-1982) and Earl Newberry (1901-92). In 1957, the firm was renamed Church, Newberry, Roehr and Schuetter when Kurt Schuette (1917-87) was added as principal. Principal works include the US Courthouse, Portland (1931), Oregon State Library (1938), and involvement with the Oregon State Capitol when the firm was in association with principle architects Trowbridge & Livingston and Francis Keally.


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Cook, Lin. (b. 1950)

Cook, whose company is called Eutectica Design (Monroe, Ore.) completed Untitled as a Percent for Art commission in December, 2000. In reference to this work, Cook states "as a hint of the larger piece inside, a small element of the larger sculpture is installed to the left of the main entry door" (Percent for Art documentation). The larger piece inside is entitled, Blu Stratus. Cook received a B.S. (Liberal Arts, 1979) and B.F.A. (1980) degrees from the University of Oregon.

Disbro, William.

Before retirement, Disbro was an art professor at Jamestown (NY) Community College.

Eckland, Don .

A retrospective of the work of Don Eckland, "Bronze Sculpture: 1970-1990," was exhibited at the Art Center Gallery, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, April 22-May 10, 1991. Eckland was born in 1942 and died in 1990.

Gillman, Steve.

Steve Gillman is an artist living in Oakland, California. His education includes a BA (San Francisco State College, 1969) and an MFA in sculpture from the University of Oregon, 1976.

GMA Architects (Gerald McConnell Architects)
Zebrafish International Resource Center
Holman, Mack.

Holman, a UO graduate, operates Mack Foundry in Drain, Oregon. He teaches occasionally at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Holman was responsible for the restoration of the Knight Library north facade bronze doors, originally designed by O. B. Dawson. Spring Run was unveiled, and the Glen Starlin courtyard was dedicated on May 18, 2000, at the Museum of Natural History. Holman's sculpture Finals Week can be seen at Building 9, Chemeketa Community College, Salem.

Hunzicker, John

. Born in 1867, Hunzicker moved to Eugene in 1903. He was responsible for about 150 buildings including the Eugene Hotel. He died in 1945.
Source: Lakin, Kimberly K. Life and Work of John Hunziker Architect. Univ. of Oregon Thesis, 1982.

Jones, Johnpaul (b. 1941).

Jones, a Native American born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, is a graduate of UO and founding principal of the Seattle firm, Jones & Jones.

Kelly, Lee. (b. 1932)

Born in McCall, Idaho, in 1932, Lee Kelly attended Portland Art Museum School, 1954-59. In 1985, he received Governor's Award for the Arts (Oregon). Frequent traveller to Nepal, India, and Burma. Currently lives in Oregon City, Oregon.

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Knighton, William C.

Works:  Administration Building (Johnson Hall), Library Addition (Fenton Hall), Architecture Building

William Christmas Knighton (1864-1938) was born in Indianapolis and came to Portland in the early 1890s where he worked for achitect George W. Marshall. After employment in Salem, Ore., then California and Alabama, Knighton returned to Portland in 1902. From 1913-17 Kington served as Oregon's first State Architect. In 1924, Knighton formed a partnership with Leslie Dillon Howell (1884-1969) which lasted 1924-38. Knighton's works include Deepwood (1894), in Salem, the Governor Hotel (1908), Portland, the State Supreme Court Building (1913), and the Oregon National Guard Armory, Ashland.
Sources:  Knighton, William C., Architects.

Lawrence, Ellis F.

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Lawrence & Holford.

See Ellis F. Lawrence.

Lawrence & Lawrence

See Ellis F. Lawrence.

Lawrence, Holford, & Allyn.

See Ellis F. Lawrence.

Lawrence, Holford, Allyn, & Bean

. See Ellis F. Lawrence.

Lawrence, Wallmann, and Tucker.

In 1933, architect George Wallmann (1906-84) entered partnership with Ernest Fanning Tucker (1900-76), forming the Portland, Ore., firm Tucker and Wallmann. During the 1930s Tucker and Wallmann participated in recording works for the Historic American Buildings Survey. In 1946 H. Abbott Lawrence (1906-67), son of Ellis F. Lawrence, was added to the partnership, and the firm Lawrence, Tucker and Wallmann was created. The firm lasted until 1960. Tucker, whose exposure to architecture began as an office boy for the firm of Albert E. Doyle, was the principal designer of the firm. Tucker retired from practice in 1960. Wallmann relocated to Eugene and was employed as architect by the Oregon University System. In addition to works at UO, Lawrence, Wallmann, and Tucker designed buildings for the Oregon Zoo and Portland State University.
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Lazarus, Edgar M.

Works:  Mechanical Hall.

Portland architect Edgar Lazarus, designer of Mechanical Hall (1901) is best known for the Vista House, Crown Point (1916). By 1901, Lazarus had already designed two buildings for Oregon Agricultural College (now Oregon State University): Apperson Hall (1899) and Valley Gymnastics Center (1898), both still extant.

  • Sources: "Edgar Lazarus," Architects, 247-8.

Loppnow, Duane (Feb. 1, 1933 - May 19, 2013)

UO works:  Reflections of a Summer Day (sculputre)

Little, Sydney Wahl (1904-1972)

Sydney Little succeeded Ellis F. Lawrence as dean of the College of Design and served in that role, 1946-1958. He strongly advocated post-war stylistic trends in campus architecture and planning during his tenure as dean.

Martin, Willard K. (1930-1985)

UO works:  Education buildings renovation

Will Martin, a UO architecture graduate, started a Portland practice in the early 1960s then formed Marin and Sodestrom in 1966 with partner David A. Sodestrom. The firm became Martin, Sodestrom and Matteson in 1971 and dissolved in 1984. Notable among Martin's works is the award-winning design of Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland.

Miller, Rolph H.

Rolph H. Miller was born in Missouri and studied at Washington University, St. Louis.  He founded the Toledo School of Manual Training, Ohio, and planned the buildings there.  After studying at MIT, he was employed by Whidden & Lewis to superintend the construction of the Portland City Hall and afterward started his own practice.  He became a specialist in school design and his works include the D. P. Thompson and Holladay schools in Portland as well as McClure Hall at the University of Oregon.  Miller organized the Portland Sketch Club and taught a free class in architecture at the Portland Y. M. C. A.  He died on March 11, 1901, following an appendicitis operation.

  • "Noted Architect Dead; R. H. Miller, Who Designed Late School Buildings. Death Came After an Operation for Appendicitis -- Sketch of a Useful, Earnest Life."  Morning Oregonian, March 12, 1901, p. 8.  portrait.

Morin & Longwood

John E. Stafford started a firm in 1945 in Eugene, Oregon; in 1957 Ken Morin joined as partner. Bother were graduates of the University of Oregon and Stafford taught at the architecture program 1960-62. James Longwood, also a UO graduate joined the firm in 1961; the following year Stafford left the partnership. Campus works: Gerlinger Annex, Computing Center.

Piper, William W.

\William W. Piper (1827-86) came to Portland from New Hampshire and was one of early Oregon's prominent architects. The State University Building (to be called Deady Hall) was his last project. Drawings for the project were completed by May 1873, and construction began that spring. Funding problems halted construction on the partially finished building which was eventually completed in 1876. Piper sued the Union University Association, the organization that managed UO's initial beginnings and funding, for lack of payment and eventually won but payments were not completed until 1877. Unable to compete successfully with the growing architectural community in Portland, Piper's practice substantially declined. He apparently committed suicide by jumping from a train, in Wyoming, on the way to visit his sister in Ohio. A contemporary account in the Cheyenne Sun, August 10, 1886, noted: "A crazy man jumped from a passenger train just west of Medicine Bow yesterday and was so terribly injured that he soon died." (Nelson, W. W. Piper)
Nelson, Lee H. W. W. Piper, 1827-1886; Warren Heywood Williams, 1844-1888. Two Architects in Oregon (University of Oregon, 1956).
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Roberts, Gale M., Construction Co.

Bowerman Family Building

Skidmore Owings & Merrill.

"Owings, Nathaniel Alexander," Architects, 302-303.
Website: SOM [Skidmore Owings Merrill]

Soderstrom Architects.

Website: Soderstrom Architects TBG Architects & Planners.

Stafford, Jonathan

Bowerman Family Building

TBG Architects

Website: TBG Architects & Planners Inc.

Whidden and Lewis.

Uo works:  Friendly Hall (Dormitory).

Whidden and Lewis designed the first dormitory on the UO campus, later named Friendly Hall. Ion Lewis (1858-1933) and William M. Whidden (1857-1929) were both graduates of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Employed by the prominent New York firm McKim, Mead, and White, Whidden worked on the firm's Portland Hotel (1888) (now the site of Pioneer Square). He stayed in Portland to form a partnership with Ion Lewis. The Portland City Hall (1895) is among the existing works of this prolific firm.
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"Whidden & Lewis," Architects, 416-7.

Wilmsen, Endicott, and Unthank

Robert Wilmsen (1918-99), Charles Endicott (1913-97), form the firm Wilmsen-Endicott in 1948. and DeNorval Unthank (1929-2001) joined the firim in 1955 and became a partner in the firm Wilmsen, Endicott, Unthank which existed by that name 1960-68. Wilmsen's firm evolved to become the current WEGROUP Architects and Planners. Unthank joined Otto Potcha and Grant Seder to form Unthank Seder Poticha Architects (1968-84) then Unthank Poticha Waterbury (1985-92), then Unthank Waterbury (1993-98). Unthank's later projects included Vivian Olum Child Development Center. Wilmsen, Endicott, and Unthank were all UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts graduates.

Wick & Hilgers.
  • UO works:  Commonwealth Hall; Music building addition (1955)
  • Clarence H. Wicks (1907-1970) and Albert W. Hilgers (1907-1990) were UO architecture graduates.
  • More information: "Wick, Clarence Herbert," Architects, 424-25; "Hilgers, Albert William," Architects, 178-180.
Wingwall, Alice
  • Works:  Cascade Charley (fountain sculpture)

  • Alice Wingwall received an MFA in Sculpture from the University of California, Berkeley. At Wellesley College, she was professor of sculpture and director of the studio arts program. She co-directed with Wendy Snyder MacNeil the award-winning film, Miss BlindSight//The Wingwall Auditions.

Wylie, Scott

Works:  Science Walk (landscape sculpture)

Scott W. Wylie (born 1946) is a Springfield, Oregon, designer, who specializes in functional art and landscape works. Scott Wylie Designs
Website: Scott W. Wylie, Designer

Yost, Grube, Hall.

Website: Yost Grube Hall.

ZGF Zimmer, Gunsul, Frasca Partnership.

Website: Zimmer, Gunsul, Frasca Partnership.


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