Allen Hall

Allen Hall 1961

Allen Hall (photo: Marion Dean Ross, 1961)


  • Journalism Building (1923). Architect: Lawrence and Holford. Contractors: Thomas Muir (General), Rushlight and Hastorf (Plumbing), Yundt and Keyser (heating), E. L. Knight (wiring).
  • Allen Hall (1954). Architect: Church, Newberry and Roehr.
  • Renovations (2000). Architect: Boucher Mouchka Larson Architects. Landscape Architect: Cameron McCarthy Gilbert. Planner: Chris Ramey. Manager: Alex Gordon.
    Renovations of the 1920s Allen Hall, begun in the 1990s, included interior work as well as a new entrance plaza.
  • Renovations (2010-2012). Architect: TBG Architects + Planners; YGH Architecture. General contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis.


Allen Hall consists of three parts shaped into a cohesive whole: the original Journalism Building (1923), a 1954 addition, and a 2012 addition and renovation.


  • 1893. UO curriculum in Journalism begins.
  • 1912. Department of Journalism, one of nation's first, is created.
  • 1922. Design work takes place in August for the Journalism Building. The journalism program had been housed in the Old Gym and Annex which burned in July 1922. Construction begins in October.
  • 1923. Construction ends in September.
  • 1936. A stone bas relief by Louis G. Utter is placed over the south entrance.
  • 1953. McClure Hall is demolished to make way for a new journalism building. The McClure Annex (called the Journalism Building) remains.
  • 1954. The new Allen Hall opens. Substantial renovations to the existing Journalism Building took place during construction. Vestiges of a balcony over the east entrance can still be seen.
  • 1990s to the present. Several phases of renovation rework the interior and grounds of Allen Hall.
  • 1999. UO's leasing of the Baker Downtwon Center freed more space when University Printing left Allen Hall.
  • 2012. Construction is completed on Allen Hall renovation and expansion.
  • 2013. Renovated and expanded Allen Hall opens for winter term 2013. Grand opening, March 1, 2013.



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2005 to present

  • The full-text archives of the Oregon Daily Emerald are available from September 2005 in Oregon Digital.

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