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NOTE: All internships, practica and fieldwork must be coordinated through Library Human Resources in order to monitor placement, compliance and liability issues [department heads, please note if you are the first point of contact].

If you are a graduate student currently enrolled in a library and information science program (or plan to be soon), the UO Libraries do have some unique opportunities that can enrich your experiences. This can be a mutually beneficial experience where the intern learns from the library and its staff members and gains hands-on experience in a particular area, while the department gains much needed assistance on a project or service. Often, this takes the form of special projects, however, interns may also propose a variety of issues to learn more about. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity for the intern to form a relationship with a seasoned professional who may wish to provide a letter of reference at some point should the experience be successful.


  • An internship is defined as an extended field experience of a student under the direct supervision of an onsite professional in collaboration with the college.
  • A practicum is defined as "a course or student exercise involving practical experience as well as theoretical study."
  • Fieldwork involves "research or a professional practice conducted outside the institution and in direct contact with the people, natural phenomena or other entities being studied."

Most often, students completing these types of programs receive ‘credit' towards their degree. For this reason, these positions are unpaid, as our supervisors are donating their time and effort to mentor and engage students.

How Do I Apply for an Internship, Practicum or Directed Fieldwork?

If this type of unpaid employment experience is what you have in mind, please send an email to Shelley Harshe,, include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your graduate school affiliation (if you are enrolled in a master's of information and library science program)
  • Proposal for what you hope to learn and in what department
  • When do you wish you to work (beginning when and ending when)
  • How many hours per week do you wish to work and how many hours total
  • Name and email address of your advisor, if you have one

Once we know who, what and when, we will try to match you up with the appropriate department/s. We will expect you to honor this commitment and abide by the policies of the library and University of Oregon.
Due to space and equipment limitations, as well as time of year and level of staffing, we are not always able to provide these opportunities. But we welcome your proposals.



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