Human Resources

staff training

Location: 1501 Kincaid Street, Knight Library, Room 115
Mail: 1299 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1299
Hours: Open virtually 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday

Our Mission and Services

As part of Library Administration, it is our goal to handle human resources matters with sensitivity, confidentiality, and fairness, and to foster an inclusive and satisfying workplace within the University of Oregon Libraries. Our services include:

  • Benefits referrals, including Employee Assistance Program
  • Classification review for all types of positions
  • Collective bargaining consultation and interpretation
  • Contract renewal and/or promotion review coordination for unclassified positions
  • Leadership, development, and training program coordination
  • Payroll
  • Performance management
  • Personnel policies and rules interpretation (Library, UO, Oregon, Federal)
  • Recruitment and hiring for all employees (also see: Library Job Openings)
  • Staff Directory
  • Volunteer placement (on a limited basis as position assignments are available)

HR Staff

Mark Watson, Interim Dean of Libraries, 541-346-1896,

  • Oversight/supervision of Library Human Resources Department
  • Advise Library Administration on UO Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Organizational development and training program coordination

Shelley Harshe, Administrative Operations Manager, 541-346-1891,

  • Recruitment coordination for unclassified staff (OA and Career Faculty) searches
  • Performance review process coordination for unclassified staff
  • Interpretation and documentation of library and UO personnel policies and guideline
  • Assistance with the onboarding of new unclassified staff (OA and Career Faculty)
  • Representative of Human Resources as member of Library Council
  • Promotion review process coordination and administration for Career Faculty
  • HR website maintenance and creation
  • Assistance with the training program coordination

Crystal Karlsen, Payroll & Human Resources Coordinator, 541-346-1898,

  • Coordination of UO Libraries' payroll functions for all staff
  • Campus liaison for payroll issues
  • Recruitment coordination for classified staff members and student assistants
  • Performance review coordination for classified, student staff, and officers of administration
  • Orientation of new employees on first day
  • Personnel file maintenance for all library employees
  • Backup for Human Resources functions in the absence of Assistant Dean
  • Staff directory and list maintenance
  • Student employment inquiries
  • Telecommunications and building access coordination needs for library employees (computer access, phone, email, staff entrance code, keys, directories, parking permits)
  • General office support

Pam Cressall, Payroll Support Specialist, 541-346-1895,

  • Coordination of unclassified staff leave reporting process
  • Audit of all timesheets for permanent staff and students
  • Initiation and completion of student hire paperwork 
  • Processing of manual checks

NOTE: We all may specialize in certain types of personnel actions, but we are all willing to help you find your answer!