Student Success Summit Initiative

From the Libraries Strategic Plan, 2017-2020:
Goal 2: Student Success – Play a key role in improving student success throughout exemplary teaching, engagement, and faculty development
Strategy 2.2: Bring Library expertise and unique content to university initiatives and specialized courses, designed to develop students as creators and critical thinkers

Student Success Summit (libraries’ initiative 2.2.4: Consider creating a Student Success Summit that would include advertising, career center, undergraduate studies, OPAA, instruction, and educational technology, focusing in particular on vulnerable students from underprivileged or disadvantaged populations)

In its strategic priorities, the University of Oregon emphasizes the importance of enhancing student success, i.e., student retention, academic performance, and four-year and six-year graduation rates, but how are the University’s administrative, academic, and student life professionals working together to achieve this crucial aim?

The inaugural student-success summit, “UO Connected, UO Committed: Integrative Practices for Student Success,” held on April 27, 2018, was an interactive, productive gathering for UO faculty, administrators, advisors, librarians, and other staff across campus. The aim of the summit was to explore the ways in which our efforts associated with student success can be enhanced through increased collaboration and integration across the UO.

Sponsoring units: 
UO Libraries, Undergraduate Studies, Office of International Affairs, Office of the Provost, Division of Student Life, and Division of Equity and Inclusion

Summit planning committee members:
Libraries (Helen Chu, Nina Fox, Shelley Harshe, Katy Lenn, Adriene Lim); Undergraduate Studies (Maeve Anderson, Lee Rumbarger, Doneka Scott, Hiroe Sorter); Office of the Provost (Sierra Dawson, Kimberly Johnson); Division of Student Life (Kathy Stanley); Division of Equity and Inclusion (Lesly-Anne Pittard); Student Services and Enrollment Management (Julia Pomerenk, Kris Winter).

Keynote speaker:
Tia McNair Brown, Vice President, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success, Association of American Colleges and Universities



Jen Mein, Innovative Manager, Future Services Institute, University of Minnesota

UO 2018 Student Success Summit Research Guide
Includes link to the program, lightning introductions, keynote, and facilitated discussion presentations.