Meet Morning Star Padilla—UO Libraries’ New Design Librarian

Morning Star Padilla brings valuable knowledge about indigenous art to UO, along with an excitement to connect with students and faculty at the College of Design.

Newly hired Design Librarian Morning Star Padilla is excited to join the University of Oregon community. Her most recent position at San Francisco State University as an Arts and Humanities librarian reaffirmed her love of working with students and hearing about their diverse interests, a practice she hopes to continue at the Design Library. 

In past positions, Padilla has worked in museums and libraries to facilitate the understanding and appreciation of indigenous art. She is Diné and Chicana and has a deep interest in indigenous cultural heritage. 

Morning Star Padilla at entrance to UO Design Library“Being from indigenous background myself, I’m Navajo, recognizing and connecting with other indigenous and first nations communities wherever I go is always something that is a priority to me and a foundation of my work,” said Padilla.  

She chose to come to UO because she saw the thriving local art community in Eugene, as well as the robust research capabilities of the university. In the coming months, along with learning her job duties, Padilla will be diving into understanding local indigenous art and becoming more involved in the native community here.

“I thought this would be a really great place to combine both that strength in research as well as being around a lot of really unique and interesting art—seeing things here that I don’t see everywhere else.”  

In her free time, Padilla enjoys beadwork, an art form she has been practicing since childhood. Her interest in creating art and reading research led her to become a librarian. 

Padilla sees value in incorporating historical influences into present-day work and is hopeful to introduce relevant references to all students and faculty who reach out for her assistance. Padilla emphasizes that the role of her position is to guide and facilitate a more holistic understanding of any research or artistic project that requires guidance.  

She is looking forward to connecting with students and faculty in the coming weeks to understand how she can best serve the community in the UO’s College of Design. 

By Natalie Dulansky and Kate Lloyd, communications assistants, UO Libraries