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Legislative History

The Library Committee was created on November 3, 1921, at a regular meeting of the faculty:

COMMITTEE ON LIBRARY AFFAIRS. Moved by Professor Milne that a committee of five faculty members be appointed to act as an advisory committee on library affairs. The motion was carried and the following committee was appointed.

  • Mr. M. H. Douglass, Chairman
  • Professor E. L. Packard
  • Professor E. E. DeCou
  • Dean Colin V Dyment
  • Professor F.S. Dunn
  • Dean H. D. Sheldon

(History does not seem to record why there were 6 members on a 5 member committee).

The Library Committee next surfaces in the minutes of the faculty on December 6, 1961.

LIBRARY COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP. Mr. D. M. Dougherty, chairman of the Library Committee, moved on behalf of his committee that the faculty legislation of November 2, 1921, providing "that a committee of five members be appointed to act as an advisory committee on Library affairs," be amended by deleting the word "five". The motion was seconded. Mr. Bartel reported that the Faculty Senate recommended its approval. The motion was then put to a vote and carried.

The Library Committee then surfaces in the minutes of the April 16, 1969 meeting of the faculty.

STUDENT MEMBERS ON FACULTY COMMITTEES. Mr. F. E. Dart moved, on behalf of a joint Faculty Senate-Advisory Council Committee on Student Participation in University Governance, that student membership on faculty standing committees be authorized as follows:

  • Academic Requirements committee: 1 student
  • Admissions Policy Committee: 2 students
  • Advising Committee: 2 students
  • Assembly and Lectures Committee: 3 students
  • Broadcasting Committee: 2 students
  • Committee on the Curriculum: 1 student
  • Library Committee: 2 students
  • Scholastic Deficiency Committee: 1 student Teacher Education Committee: 3 students

On May 14 1997 (Motion US 97-11) the charge of the University Library Committee was changed by the University Senate to read:

The Library Committee shall serve as a faculty oversight committee reporting directly to the Senate.

The senate provided the following explanation for its action:

The Library Committee was created by faculty legislation in 1921 "to act as an advisory committee on library affairs". Its jurisdiction is currently stated as follows: "The Library Committee represents the interest of the faculty and advises the head librarian on issues of considerable importance. It serves also as a consulting body on library concerns that affect the university community." This leaves the question of to whom the Library Committee is responsible rather vague. The intent of the motion is to make it clear that the Library Committee, which is appointed by the Senate, also reports to the Senate.

We are grateful to the University Archivist K. Richard for providing this information!


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