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Student Worker Highlight: Anna Fleming

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

The Special Collections and University Archives could not function without the amazing student workers who assist the staff on a daily basis on numerous projects including paging materials for researchers, fulfilling scanning and photocopying requests, and processing collections, among numerous other requests. Throughout this school year we will be highlighting these students to showcase their interests and some of their favorite collections in our repository.




Anna Fleming
Senior, South Eugene High School

Tell us about your senior project:

My senior project is a graduation requirement that requires students to spend 20-25 hours in a career setting which I chose to complete at the University of Oregon Special Collections and University Archives. I have collected a journal of my work experiences during my time there that will go into my senior presentation. The project is presented in front of a board consisting of school staff and community members and graded on completion and presentation efficiency.

Why did you want to volunteer at SCUA?

I chose to complete my senior project at the University of Oregon Special Collections and University Archives because I find working on the collections to be an eye opening and incredibly interesting experience. Each collection contains so much unique information and its amazing to be able to learn about each collection and what information it holds. I think that the preservation of these collections is incredibly vital to our community and I feel lucky to be a part of the preservation of amazing collections as well as the community at the University of Oregon Special Collections.

What is your favorite item or collection in our repository?

My favorite collection in the University of Oregon Special Collections would be a tie between two different collections I have worked on. The Kathan Zerzan and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala collection. I loved working on the Zerzan collection because it contained so much information on Eugene in the sixties and seventies, including newspaper clippings and events that my parents remembered from growing up in Eugene. I found it to be so amazing to see the different and rather pivotal time in history throughout the collection as well as gain a new perspective on the town I was raised in. Also throughout the collection I came across a few underground publications that I found to be incredibly interesting as well as Zerzan’s FBI file. The Ruth Prawer Jhabvala collection was also incredibly interesting because I was able to see her original manuscripts of screenplays and see the changes and notes she took throughout the manuscripts. I think that collection was incredibly interesting to work on because it made me realize the work and time that goes into screenwriting.

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