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Student Worker Highlight: Matt Pelos

The Special Collections and University Archives could not function without the amazing student workers who assist the staff on a daily basis on numerous projects including paging materials for researchers, fulfilling scanning and photocopying requests, and processing collections, among numerous other requests. Throughout this school year we will be highlighting these students each week to showcase their interests and some of their favorite collections in our repository.

What is your Major/Minor? What is your career goal? : I have a goal to be a Sports Business Major with a career goal of one day working for a professional sports organization such as the NBA or MLB.

Why do you like working at Special Collections and University Archives?  I love working in SCUA because each day brings a new topic to research, and each day brings new surprises. It is never just a typical day in SCUA.

What is your Favorite item or collection in our repository?  My favorite item I have been asked to pull was the University of Oregon football records. Those were very intriguing to look up and they were of interest to me, as well as, the researcher.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I typically go to the gym or hang out with friends and my brothers of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Below is a historic image of some Kappa Sigma seniors (ca. 1930):

Kappa Sigma Seniors, ca. 1930. University Archive photographs; UA Ref 3.

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