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Student Worker Highlight: Cecilia Tran

The Special Collections and University Archives could not function without the amazing student workers who assist the staff on a daily basis on numerous projects including paging materials for researchers, fulfilling scanning and photocopying requests, and processing collections, among numerous other requests. Throughout this school year we will be highlighting these students each week to showcase their interests and some of their favorite collections in our repository.

What is your Major/Minor? I’m majoring in Sociology, minoring in Political Science and earning a certificate in the Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP) offered here. If you’re unfamiliar with what SAPP is, it “provides academic course work in the areas of alcohol and drug prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery.” I’m doing this program because there isn’t a criminology major offered at the University of Oregon.

What is your career goal? I have no idea what I want to do with my life but I know I want to work with crimes and/or crime victims. I used to want to be a Crime Scene Investigator but as I got older and my tolerance for blood fell, I knew that wasn’t the career path for me. I’m not sure if I want to be a counselor or work specifically with crime cases, but I know that criminology/criminal justice is a field I want to be involved in.

Why do you like working at Special Collections and University Archives? I like working at Special Collections and University Archives because everything is so historical and interesting. I had no idea a place like that even existed and it’s really awesome that I get to look at diaries and manuscripts written from so long ago and it’s amazing how communication have changed since then. It’s just really cool looking at old documents like that because that isn’t something that is popular anymore.

What is your Favorite item or collection in our repository? Since I’m still relatively new, I haven’t seen a lot of what Special Collections and University Archives has to offer but I definitely think looking at letters from hundreds of years ago and reading how people wrote to each other and the condition that the paper they wrote on is in is so fascinating to me. Sometimes people unaffiliated with the University of Oregon come to read these letters and want to transcribe them and I have no idea how they can even read it because it’s written in beautiful cursive that’s very difficult to read but it’s amazing that they want to take time out of their lives to research and devote their time to this.


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